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Margie Berns


In the Presence of English:  Media and European Youth(co-editor with Kees de Bot and Uwe Hasebrink), New York, Springer, xviii + 161, 2007

Contexts of Competence: Social and Cultural Considerations in Communicative Language Teaching, New York: Plenum Press, iv + 179, 1990. [Korean translation, Contexts of Competence: Social and Cultural Considerations in Communicative Language Teaching (Plenum, 1991), Seoul, Korea: Hankookmunhwasa, 2011]

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Initiatives in Communicative Language Teaching (co-editor with Sandra J. Savignon). Reading, MA:  Addison Wesley, x + 243, 1983

Special Issues

Englishes in World Contexts. Special issue of World Englishes, 28, 2 (co-editor with Barbara Seidlhofer), 190-256, 2009

English in South America. Special issue of World Englishes 22, 2, (co-editor with Patricia Friedrich), i + 134, 2003

Articles and Book Chapters

Writing Fiction in the Stepmother Tongue: the Creative Writer and the Critic. In Łukasz Salski (Ed.), Foreign Language Opportunities in Writing. Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. In press

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Expanding on the expanding circle: where do WE go from here? Personality.Culture.Society. 2011, 66-77. [Russiantranslation of original appearing in World Englishes, 24 (1), 85-93, 2005.

Perspectives on English as a lingua franca: introduction(with Barbara Seidlhofer). World Englishes, 28 (2), 190-191, 2009.

English as lingua franca and English in Europe, World Englishes, 28 (2), 192-199, 2009.

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The Presence of English: Sociocultural, Acquisitional, and Media Dimensions, pp. 1-14

English in Europe (with M. Claes, R. Evers, K. de Bot, U. Hasebrink, I. Huibregtse, C.Truchot & P. van de Wijst), pp. 15-42

An Empirical Approach to the Presence of English, pp. 43-52

In the Presence of English: A Resume after Step One of an International Study (with K. de Bot & U. Hasebrink), pp. 111-120

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Review Essay/Responses/Comments

Review of Barbara Seidlhofer, Understanding English as a Lingua Franca (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011), World Englishes, in press

(Re) experiencing Hegemony: the Linguistic Imperialism of Robert Phillipson (with Jeanelle Barrett*, Chak Chan*, Yoshiki Chikuma*, Patricia Freidrich*, Olga-Maria Hadjidimos*, Jill Harney*, Kristi   Hislope*, David Johnson*, Suzanne Kimball*, Yvonne Low*, Tracey McHenry*, Vivienne Palaiologos*, Marnie Petray, Rebecca Shapiro, & Ana Ramirez Shook*), International    Journal of Applied Linguistics, 8: 271-282, 1998

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A Closing Word (with J. Barrett et al*), International Journal of Applied Linguistics, 9 (1), 138-142, 1999

[Each of the three above has been reprinted in a) Barbara Seidlhofer (Ed.), Controversies in Applied Linguistics. Oxford University Press, 2003, 46-50, and in b) Kingsley Bolton & Braj B. Kachru (Eds), Critical Concepts in Linguistics: World Englishes. Routledge, Vol. 5, pp. 314-326; 330-334; 336 (respectively), 2006]

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Truth, Heat and Light (with Ruth Petzold). World Englishes, 20 (1):134 –136 (Response to M. Kontra’s to Catching up with Europe: Speakers and Functions of English in Hungary (World Englishes 19 (1): 113-124,1999)

Encyclopedia Editorships

Editor, Concise Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics, Elsevier, 2009

Coordinating Editor, Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics Vols. 1-14, (Applied Linguistics and Sociolinguistics sections), Elsevier Science, 2006

Section Editor, Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics, (Applied Linguistics), 2006

Encyclopedia Entries

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Tony Silva

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April Ginther

April publications here.


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