English Directory


Name Title Room Phone Email
Kaveh Akbar Assistant Professor HEAV 311C kakbar@purdue.edu
Emily Allen Associate Professor HEAV 426 (765) 494-4116 elallen@purdue.edu
Dorsey Armstrong Professsor and Head of English; Editor of Arthuriana HEAV 324 (765) 494-6478 darmstrong@purdue.edu
Jennifer Bay Associate Professor,
Director of Professional Writing
Elena Benedicto Professor HEAV 307B (765) 494-4442 ebenedi@purdue.edu
Margie Berns Professor HEAV 432 (765) 494-3774 berns@purdue.edu
Samantha Blackmon Associate Professor HEAV 302B (765) 494-3742 blackmos@purdue.edu
Harris Bras Clinical Assistant Professor HEAV G36C hbras@purdue.edu
Kristina Bross Professor HEAV 325B (765) 494-4501 kbross@purdue.edu
Marlo D. David Associate Professor BRNG 6168/HEAV 204E (765)49-44177 mdavid@purdue.edu
Harry Denny Associate Professor; Director of the Writing Lab HEAV 122C/HEAV 228 (765) 494-2814 hdenny@purdue.edu
Bradley Dilger Associate Professor; Director of the Introductory Composition Program HEAV 302A (765) 494-3730 dilger@purdue.edu
Angelica Duran Professor HEAV G39B duran0@purdue.edu
John Duvall Margaret Church Distinguished Professor of English; Editor of Modern Fiction Studies HEAV 332B (765) 494-3760 jduvall@purdue.edu
Dino Franco Felluga Professor HEAV 430 (765) 496-1647 felluga@purdue.edu
Wendy Stallard Flory Professor HEAV 204B floryw@purdue.edu
Elaine Francis Associate Professor HEAV 202A (765) 494-5834 ejfranci@purdue.edu
Geraldine Friedman Associate Professor HEAV 310C friedman@purdue.edu
April Ginther Professor (765) 494-7598 aginther@purdue.edu
Sandor Goodhart Professor HEAV 438 (765) 494-2299 goodhart@purdue.edu
Shaun Hughes Professor HEAV 434 (765) 494-3776 sfdh@purdue.edu
Tara Star Johnson Director of English Education,
Associate Professor
HEAV 409 (765) 496-1220 tarastar@purdue.edu
Richard Johnson-Sheehan Professor HEAV 428 rjohnso@purdue.edu
Michael Johnston Associate Professor HEAV 412 mjohnst@purdue.edu
Christian Knoeller Professor HEAV 314D (765) 588-7381 knoeller@purdue.edu
Robert Lamb Professor HEAV 435 lambr@purdue.edu; bronxangrybear@gmail.com
Brian Leung Professor; Director of the Creative Writing Program HEAV 120A (765) 494-2724 leung19@purdue.edu
Maren Linett Professor HEAV 411 (765) 494-5899 mlinett@purdue.edu
Alfred Lopez Professor BRNG 6175 (765) 494-5681 alopez@purdue.edu
Christopher Lukasik Associate Professor HEAV 410 (765) 494-6002 clukasik@purdue.edu
Terese Mailhot Assistant Professor HEAV 307C tmailhot@purdue.edu
Robyn Malo Associate Professor HEAV 331B (765) 494-6377 rmalo@purdue.edu
Jennifer Freeman Marshall Associate Professor BRNG 6156 (765) 49-46295 jlfreem@purdue.edu
Robert Marzec Professor; Associate Editor of Modern Fiction Studies HEAV 332A (765) 494-3759 rmarzec@purdue.edu
Daniel Morris Professor HEAV 122B (765) 494-3051 dmorris@purdue.edu
Mary Niepokuj Associate Professor HEAV 309C (765) 494-6512 niepokuj@purdue.edu
Derek Pacheco Associate Professor HEAV 329 (765) 494-8408 dpacheco@purdue.edu
Venetria K. Patton Professor BRNG 6176/HEAV403 (765) 496-9629 vpatton@purdue.edu
Nancy J. Peterson Professor HEAV 120B njp@purdue.edu
Donald Platt Professor HEAV 311B (765) 494-3435 plattd@purdue.edu
Arkady Plotnitsky Distinguished Professor HEAV 431 (765) 494-3585 plotnits@purdue.edu
Manushag (Nush) Powell Associate Professor HEAV 437 mnpowell@purdue.edu
Victor Raskin Distinguished Professor HEAV 441 (765) 494-3942 vraskin@purdue.edu
Thomas Rickert Professor HEAV 301C trickert@purdue.edu
Charles Ross Professor HEAV 313 (765) 494-3729 rosscs@purdue.edu
Aparajita Sagar Associate Professor HEAV 308C asagar@purdue.edu
Michael Salvo Professor HEAV 436 salvo@purdue.edu
Ryan Schneider Associate Professor HEAV 122A (765) 494-3748 pschnei@purdue.edu
Tony Silva Professor HEAV 433 (765) 494-3774 tony@purdue.edu
Sharon Solwitz Professor HEAV 315 ssolwitz@purdue.edu
Patricia Sullivan Professor HEAV 401 (765) 494-3768 psulliva@purdue.edu
Irwin Weiser Professor HEAV G41B iweiser@purdue.edu
Paul Whitfield White Professor HEAV G41A pwhite@purdue.edu

Emeriti Faculty

Name Title Room Phone Email
Janice Lauer (Rice) Professor jmlauer@purdue.edu
Marianne Boruch Professor mboruch@purdue.edu
Dorothy Deering Professor ddeering@purdue.edu
Leon Gottfried Professor lelin2@comcast.net
Muriel "Mickey" Harris Professor,
Writing Lab Director
Clayton Lein Professor lein@purdue.edu
William Joseph Palmer Professor wjpalmer@purdue.edu
Margaret (Peggy) Rowe Professor mmrowe@purdue.edu
James Saunders Professor saunderj@purdue.edu
Patsy Schweickart Professor pschweic@purdue.edu

Graduate Student

Name Room Phone Email
Jason Abad Graduate Student HEAV 214 jabad@purdue.edu
Nawwaf Alhazmi Graduate Student HEAV 416 nalhazmi@purdue.edu
Julie Allen Graduate Student HEAV G30 allen449@purdue.edu
Rachel Atherton Graduate Student HEAV 215 ratherto@purdue.edu
Hadi Banat Graduate Student HEAV 408 hbanat@purdue.edu
Sweta Baniya Graduate Student HEAV 327A baniya@purdue.edu
Eugene (Mac) Boyle Graduate Student HEAV 308A boyle38@purdue.edu
Kim Broughton Graduate Student HEAV 327A kbrought@purdue.edu
Mattie Bruton Graduate Student HEAV 308D mbruton@purdue.edu
Anthony Bushner Graduate Student HEAV 215 abushner@purdue.edu
Libby Chernouski Graduate Student HEAV 311E lchernou@purdue.edu
Kristyn Childres Graduate Student HEAV 214 kristyn@purdue.edu
Devon Cook Graduate Student HEAV 209 cook212@purdue.edu
Lydia Cyrus Graduate Student HEAV 443 lcyrus@purdue.edu
Brian Czyzyk Graduate Student HEAV 210 bczyzyk@purdue.edu
Steven Dawson Graduate Student HEAV 127 dawson43@purdue.edu
Javan DeHaven Graduate Student HEAV 207A jdehaven@purdue.edu
Aaron Dell Graduate Student HEAV 207 della@purdue.edu
Marc Diefenderfer Graduate Student HEAV 414 mdiefend@purdue.edu
Joseph Forte Graduate Student HEAV 207 jforte@purdue.edu
Dan Froid Graduate Student HEAV 207 dfroid@purdue.edu
Hanyang Fu Graduate Student HEAV 327F fu134@purdue.edu
Madison Gehling Graduate Student HEAV 210 mgehling@purdue.edu
Elizabeth Geib Graduate Student HEAV 215 geibe@purdue.edu
Eliza Gellis Graduate Student HEAV 309D egellis@purdue.edu
Negin Goodrich Graduate Student HEAV G42 ngoodri@purdue.edu
Erika Gotfredson Graduate Student HEAV 215 egotfred@purdue.edu
Johnay Hall Graduate Student HEAV 443 hall455@purdue.edu
Lee Hibbard Graduate Student HEAV 307D lhibbard@purdue.edu
Mitchell Hobza Graduate Student HEAV 402 mhobza@purdue.edu
Aidan Holtan Graduate Student HEAV 207A gaunta@purdue.edu
Lucas Hunter Graduate Student HEAV 215 hunte132@purdue.edu
Vanessa Iacocca Graduate Student HEAV 207A viacocca@purdue.edu
Yoojin Jang Graduate Student HEAV 310D jang94@purdue.edu
Caroline Jennings Graduate Student HEAV 308A jennin15@purdue.edu
Alisha Karabinus Graduate Student HEAV 303D akarabin@purdue.edu
NaRim Kim Graduate Student HEAV 309D kim2925@purdue.edu
Cody Krumrie Graduate Student HEAV 331D ckrumr00@purdue.edu
Ge Lan Graduate Student HEAV 214 lan12@purdue.edu
Kelsey Lefever Graduate Student kschnied@purdue.edu
Yiyang Li Graduate Student HEAV 406 li1520@purdue.edu
Tzu-Yu Liu Graduate Student HEAV 210 liu2192@purdue.edu
Alexander Long Graduate Student HEAV 209 long205@purdue.edu
Gabriel Lonsberry Graduate Student HEAV G30 glonsber@purdue.edu
Daschielle Louis Graduate Student HEAV 443 dlouis@purdue.edu
Jennifer Loyd Graduate Student HEAV 331A loydj@purdue.edu
Kyle Lucas Graduate Student HEAV 331E lucas91@purdue.edu
Lindsey Macdonald Graduate Student HEAV 214 macdonl@purdue.edu
Adrian McClure Graduate Student ajmcclur@purdue.edu
Dee McCormick Graduate Student HEAV 214 mccormid@purdue.edu
Katherine McMorris Graduate Student HEAV 413 kmcmorri@purdue.edu
Erin McNulty Graduate Student HEAV 325A mcnulte@purdue.edu
Kaden Milliren Graduate Student HEAV 327D kmillire@purdue.edu
Ryan Murphy Graduate Student HEAV 215 murph355@purdue.edu
Heather Murton Graduate Student HEAV 308F hmurton@purdue.edu
Maggie Myers Graduate Student HEAV 327D myers379@purdue.edu
Olivia Nammack Graduate Student HEAV 309A onammack@purdue.edu
Andrew Nellis Graduate Student HEAV 327E anellis@purdue.edu
Alejandra Ortega Graduate Student HEAV 209 ortega22@purdue.edu
Trinity Overmyer Graduate Student HEAV 301A tcovermy@purdue.edu
Parva Panahi-Lazarjani Graduate Student HEAV 207 ppanahil@purdue.edu
Shyam Pandey Graduate Student HEAV 331 pandey24@purdue.edu
Allyn Pearson Graduate Student HEAV 331D pearso61@purdue.edu
Adrianna Radosti Graduate Student HEAV 207 aradosti@purdue.edu
Emily Rafalik Graduate Student HEAV 406 erafalik@purdue.edu
Kylie Regan Graduate Student HEAV 210 regan9@purdue.edu
Elise Robbins Graduate Student HEAV 308E duncan14@purdue.edu
Victoria Ruiz Graduate Student HEAV 215 ruiz56@purdue.edu
Tamara Rutledge Graduate Student HEAV 127 trutled@purdue.edu
Margaret Sheble Graduate Student HEAV 207A msheble@purdue.edu
Derek Sherman Graduate Student HEAV 210 sherma11@purdue.edu
Derek Sherman Graduate Student HEAV 210 sherma11@purdue.edu
Ji-Young Shin Graduate Student HEAV 209 jyshin@purdue.edu
Rebekah Sims Graduate Student HEAV 408 resims@purdue.edu
Priya Sirohi Graduate Student HEAV 214 psirohi@purdue.edu
Jane Smith Graduate Student HEAV 413 smit3591@purdue.edu
Rachel Smith Graduate Student HEAV 402 smit3553@purdue.edu
Yachao Sun Graduate Student HEAV 210 sun659@purdue.edu
Kenneth Tanemura Graduate Student HEAV 416 ktanemur@purdue.edu
Phuong Tran Graduate Student HEAV 127 tran110@purdue.edu
Isaac Wang Graduate Student HEAV 210 wang3679@purdue.edu
Zhaozhe (Terrance) Wang Graduate Student HEAV 406 wang2839@purdue.edu
Shelton Weech Graduate Student HEAV 310D sweech@purdue.edu
Susan Wegener Graduate Student HEAV 309E swegener@purdue.edu
Sebastian Williams Graduate Student HEAV 127 will1651@purdue.edu
Kelsey Wort Graduate Student HEAV 443 kwort@purdue.edu
Qiusi Zhang Graduate Student HEAV 413 zhan2981@purdue.edu

Visiting Clincal Instructor

Name Room Phone Email
Lauren Mallett Visiting Clincal Instructor HEAV 127 lmallett@purdue.edu
Jessica Mercado Visiting Clincal Instructor mercadj@purdue.edu
Amanda Smith Visiting Clincal Instructor HEAV 327B smit3637@purdue.edu

Limited Term Lecturer

Name Room Phone Email
Cindy Aubuchon Limited Term Lecturer caubucho@purdue.edu
Rachel Bailey Limited Term Lecturer HEAV 309F rachael.d.bailey@gmail.com
Maryam Ghafoor Limited Term Lecturer mghafoor@purdue.edu
Jennifer Hughes Limited Term Lecturer HEAV 414 jenhughes@purdue.edu
Thomas Huston Limited Term Lecturer HEAV 402 hustont@purdue.edu
Beth Jones Limited Term Lecturer HEAV 404 bjones06@purdue.edu
Paige Lewis Limited Term Lecturer HEAV G34A
Jacqueline Parkison Limited Term Lecturer HEAV G30 jparkis@purdue.edu
Dharmini Patel Limited Term Lecturer drpatel@purdue.edu
Carla Rosell Limited Term Lecturer HEAV 416 crosell@purdue.edu
Debra Runshe Limited Term Lecturer drunshe@purdue.edu
David Sudzina Limited Term Lecturer HEAV 327B dsudzina@purdue.edu
Mark Zamerowski Limited Term Lecturer HEAV 309F zamierow@purdue.edu

Continuing Lecturer

Name Room Phone Email
Tracy Clark Continuing Lecturer HEAV 331C clark9@purdue.edu
Casey Gray Continuing Lecturer gray225@purdue.edu
Linda Haynes Continuing Lecturer HEAV 303C lhaynes@purdue.edu
Nancy Quinn Continuing Lecturer HEAV 310B nquinn@purdue.edu

Visiting Clinical Instructor

Name Room Phone Email
Liz Boyle Visiting Clinical Instructor boyle30@purdue.edu
Sara Hoeve Visiting Clinical Instructor shoeve@purdue.edu
Michael Mutti Visiting Clinical Instructor mmutti@purdue.edu
Qian Wang Visiting Clinical Instructor wang4676@purdue.edu

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