Summer 2019 Courses

200 level and above

20500Y-Y01-22389 Introduction To Creative Writing, online, J Milas; MOD 2/3; 06/10/19-07/30/19
20500Y-Y02-22390 Introduction To Creative Writing, online, A Dell; MOD 2/3; 06/10/19-07/30/19

Practice in writing short prose narratives and poetry for students who have finished composition and wish to expand into creative work. Workshop criticism and discussion of published writing.

22500Y-001-10916, Literature, Inequality, And Injustice, online, H Denny, MOD 3; 07/08/19-08/02/19

This course introduces students to literature and texts addressing inequality and social justice. Questions will include: What is social justice? How do writers reproduce or resist dominant ideologies? How does literature and other texts provide tools to map social and economic formations? What role does writing play in social movements? How might scholarship on the rhetoric of social movements push at creative and non-fiction works? Readings and comparison of these texts will help examine how writing around social justice mobilizes for change. Students will explore social justice issues that resonate to them and develop their own writing projects that advance awareness of their peers, push their peers to get out of imagined silos of social justice interest, and build bridges through writing between communities of interest to them.

23800SS-001-11173 Introduction To Fiction, MTWRF 01:00 PM-02:30 PM, M Johnston, Summer Start; 07/08/19-08/09/19
23800Y-Y01-19417 Introduction To Fiction, online, A Eliot; MOD 2/3; 06/10/19-07/30/19
23800Y-Y02-21935 Introduction To Fiction, online, C Krumrie; MOD 2/3; 06/10/19-07/30/19
23800Y-002-11104 Introduction To Fiction, online, A Ortega; MOD 3; 07/08/19-08/02/19

How to read fiction intelligently; promotes understanding and appreciation of the range, values, techniques, and meanings of fiction genres.

27600-002-13856 Shakespeare On Film, online, P White, MOD 1; 05/13/19-06/07/19

Considers the relation of the written text of five or six Shakespeare plays to multiple film versions from a wide variety of times and cultures, e.g., the United States, England, France, Italy, Japan, Denmark, India, and Russia.

28600-001-10918 The Movies, MW 08:40 AM-10:30 AM, M Shelbe; MOD 2/3; 06/10/19-07/30/19
28600-002-11076 The Movies, TR 08:40 AM-11:30 AM, M Shelbe; MOD 2/3; 06/10/19-07/30/19

Introduction to the movies from classic to contemporary film.

33000Y-001-11063 Games And Diversity, online, S Blackmon, MOD 1; 05/13/19-06/07/19

This course looks critically at diversity in games, game development, and in the larger mainstream games community. Students will analyze and play games that relate to women, minorities, members of the LGBTQ community, and/or those who lack access because of disability.

36000-001-14379 Gender And Literature, MTWRF 11:00 AM-01:10 PM, A Lopez, MOD 2; 06/10/19-07/05/19

An introduction to feminist approaches to the study of literature, including poetry, drama, fiction, and/or autobiography. Examines how gender intersects with race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and class in shaping authorship, reading, and representation.

42000-001-11814 Business Writing, MTWRF 09:50 AM-10:50 AM, J Zucker; MOD 2/3; 06/10/19-07/30/19
42000-005-16973 Business Writing, MTWRF 09:50 AM-12:00 PM, J Sherrill; MOD 1; 05/13/19-06/07/19
42000-007-25620 Business Writing, online, L Hibbard; MOD 2/3; 06/10/19-07/30/19
42000-Y01-11820 Business Writing, online, C Grant; MOD 2/3; 06/10/19-07/30/19
42000-Y02-11821 Business Writing, online, H Banat; MOD 2/3; 06/10/19-07/30/19
42000-Y03-11822 Business Writing, online, M McMullin; MOD 2/3; 06/10/19-07/30/19
42000-Y04-22388 Business Writing, online, R Atherton; MOD 2/3; 06/10/19-07/30/19
42000-Y05-23772 Business Writing, online, M Ghafoor; MOD 2/3; 06/10/19-07/30/19
42000-Y06-11085 Business Writing, online, S Baniya; MOD 2/3; 06/10/19-07/30/19
42000-Y08-11087 Business Writing, online, R Bailey; MOD 2/3; 06/10/19-07/30/19
42000-Y09-14131 Business Writing, online, R. Railey; MOD 2/3; 06/10/19-07/30/19

Workplace writing in networked environments for management contexts. Emphasizes organizational context, project planning, document management, ethics, research, team writing. Typical genres include management memos, reports, letters, e-mail, resumes (print and online), oral presentations.

42100-001-11823 Technical Writing, MTWRF, 01:00 PM-02:00 PM, M Zamierowski; MOD 2/3; 06/10/19-07/30/19
42100-003-16979 Technical Writing, MTWRF, 01:00 PM-03:10 PM, R Murphy; MOD 1; 05/13/19-06/07/19
42100-Y01-11830 Technical Writing, online, D Cook; MOD 2/3; 06/10/19-07/30/19
42100-Y02-11832 Technical Writing, online, A Smith; MOD 2/3; 06/10/19-07/30/19
42100-Y03-20842 Technical Writing, online, E Reynoso; MOD 2/3; 06/10/19-07/30/19
42100-Y04-16335 Technical Writing, online, E Reynoso; MOD 2/3; 06/10/19-07/30/19
42100-Y05-22391 Technical Writing, online, T Clark; MOD 2/3; 06/10/19-07/30/19
42100-Y06-11088 Technical Writing, online, T Ghering; MOD 2/3; 06/10/19-07/30/19
42100-Y07-14132 Technical Writing, online, T Clark; MOD 2/3; 06/10/19-07/30/19
42100-Y08-14310 Technical Writing, online, T. Ghering; MOD 2/3; 06/10/19-07/30/19

Workplace writing in networked environments for technical contexts. Emphasizes context and user analysis, data analysis/display, project planning, document management, usability, ethics, research, team writing. Typical genres include technical reports, memos, documentation, Web sites.

69200-001-10778 Scholarly Writing Publishing, TR 02:10 PM-05:00 PM, M Powell, MOD 2/3; 06/10/19-07/30/19

Guides graduate students through preparing an essay for journal publication. Activities include selecting appropriate venues, daily revision, outlining, workshopping, and hearing guest speakers. At the end of the course, students will formally submit their essay publication. Prerequisites: ENGL 50100 or instructor permission. Students must have an essay draft in hand that they wish to work on revising.

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