PRECONSCIOUS: Latent parts of the brain that are readily available to the conscious mind, although not currently in use. Freud used this term to make clear that the repressed is a part of the unconscious, not all of it, which is to say that the repressed does not comprise the whole unconscious. Many facts, memories, etc. are not actively engaged by the conscious mind but remain available for possible use at a future time. The preconscious refers to those facts of which we are not currently conscious but which exist in latency and can be easily called up when needed. Other facts, memories, etc. are actively repressed by the conscious mind and thus are not accessible to the mind except by way of the psychoanalytical "talking cure." Eventually Freud gave up the antithesis, conscious/unconscious, because of such problems of definition and turned instead to the tripartite division, super-ego, ego, and id.






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