History Directory


Name Title Room Phone Email
David Atkinson Associate Professor UNIV 025 (765) 496-2776 atkinsod@purdue.edu
Tithi Bhattacharya Associate Professor UNIV 309 (765) 496-2731 tbhattac@purdue.edu
Kathryn Cramer Brownell Associate Professor UNIV 022 (765) 496-2478 brownell@purdue.edu
Cornelius Bynum Associate Professor UNIV 024 (765) 494-7102 clbynum@purdue.edu
Susan Curtis Professor UNIV 329 (765) 494-4159 curtis@purdue.edu
Frederick Rowe Davis Department Head,
R. Mark Lubbers Chair in the History of Science
UNIV 231 765-494-4132 frdavis@purdue.edu
James R. Farr Professor UNIV 311 (765) 496-2698 jrfarr@purdue.edu
Deborah L. Fleetham Continuing Lecturer UNIV 126 (765) 496-2568 fleetham@purdue.edu
Vernard L. Foley Associate Professor REC 423 (765) 494-4132 foleyv@purdue.edu
Jennifer L. Foray Associate Professor UNIV 125 (765) 494-4132 jforay@purdue.edu
Ariel de la Fuente Associate Professor UNIV 324 (765) 494-4132 delafuen@purdue.edu
Nancy Gabin Associate Professor UNIV 121 (765) 494-4141 ngabin@purdue.edu
Kim Gallon Assistant Professor UNIV 122 (765) 496-2483 kgallon@purdue.edu
William G. Gray Associate Professor UNIV 328 (765) 496-2772 wggray@purdue.edu
Sally A. Hastings Associate Professor UNIV 021 (765) 494-6783 sahnolte@purdue.edu
Stacy E. Holden Associate Professor UNIV 127 sholden@purdue.edu
R. Douglas Hurt Professor UNIV 023 (765) 494-6757 doughurt@purdue.edu
T. Cole Jones Assistant Professor UNIV 222 765-496-2796 colejones@purdue.edu
Rebekah A. Klein-Pejšová Associate Professor UNIV 313 (765) 494-6810 rkleinpe@purdue.edu
Wendy Kline Dema G. Seelye Chair in the History of Medicine UNIV 325 (765) 496-2518 wkline@purdue.edu
John L. Larson Professor UNIV 225 (765) 494-4127 larsonjl@purdue.edu
Dawn G. Marsh Associate Professor UNIV 028 (765) 494-7900 dmarsh@purdue.edu
Mary X. Mitchell Assistant Professor UNIV 322 mitch279@purdue.edu
Silvia Z. Mitchell Assistant Professor UNIV 308 (765) 496-2715 mitch131@purdue.edu
Lawrence J. Mykytiuk Associate Professor of History (Courtesy Appointment) STEW 345 (765) 494-3605 larrym@purdue.edu
Yvonne M. Pitts Associate Professor UNIV 310 (765) 496-2758 ypitts@purdue.edu
Randy W. Roberts 150th Anniversary Professor and Distinguished Professor UNIV 223 (765) 496-2668 rroberts@purdue.edu
Michael G. Smith Professor UNIV 027 (765) 496-2420 mgsmith@purdue.edu
Margaret Mih Tillman Assistant Professor UNIV 128 (765) 496-2651 mmtillman@purdue.edu
Sharra Vostral Associate Professor UNIV 307 (765) 494-4132 svostral@purdue.edu
A. Whitney Walton Professor UNIV 323 (765) 494-4132 awhitney@purdue.edu
Melinda S. Zook Professor UNIV 327 (765) 494-4134 mzook@purdue.edu

Continuing Lecturer

Name Room Phone Email
Dorothee Bouquet Continuing Lecturer (765) 494-4132 dbouquet@purdue.edu
Deborah L. Fleetham Continuing Lecturer UNIV 126 (765) 496-2568 fleetham@purdue.edu


Name Room Phone Email
Brian Alberts Lecturer Online alberts3@purdue.edu
Alison Shimko Lecturer Online brown923@purdue.edu

Visiting Assistant Professor

Name Room Phone Email
William White Visiting Assistant Professor UNIV 110 765-494-3680 white660@purdue.edu

Affiliated Faculty

Name Room Phone Email
TJ Boisseau Affiliated Faculty BRNG 6162 765-496-2940 tjboisseau@purdue.edu

Visiting Scholar

Name Room Phone Email
Ou Wang Visiting Scholar UNIV 120 wang4674@purdue.edu


Name Title Room Phone Email
Fay M. Chan Graduate Secretary,
Schedule Deputy
UNIV 221 (765) 494-4126 chanf@purdue.edu
Nina J. Haberer Senior Academic Advisor BRNG 1114 (765) 494-3670 haberern@purdue.edu
Dan Hall Professional Staff SC 146E 494-3836 dahall@purdue.edu
Nancy M. Hughes Business Office SC 146D(SLC) (A.M.) or UNIV 224 (History) (P.M.) (765) 496-2892 (A.M.); (765) 494-4124 (P.M) nhughes@purdue.edu
Donna Janssen Associate Administrative Assistant & Building Deputy UNIV 231 765-494-4132 rund@purdue.edu
Kristin Matz Administrative Assistant UNIV 221 (765) 494-4121 matz2@purdue.edu

Emeriti Faculty

Name Title Room Phone Email
John J. Contreni Professor contreni@purdue.edu
Charles Cutter Professor cutter@purdue.edu
Raymond E. Dumett Professor rdumett@purdue.edu
Leonard H.D. Gordon Professor lhdgordon@sbcglobal.net
Patrick J. Hearden Professor phearden@purdue.edu
Charles W. Ingrao Professor ingrao@purdue.edu
Franklin T. Lambert Professor flambert@purdue.edu
Lois N. Magner Professor magnerln@aol.com
Robert E. May Professor mayr@purdue.edu
Donald L. Parman Professor parmand@purdue.edu
Jon C. Teaford Professor teaford@purdue.edu
Harold D. Woodman Professor hwoodman@purdue.edu

Graduate Student

Name Room Phone Email
Erin Barr Graduate Student REC 403 barr37@purdue.edu
Bo Blew Graduate Student REC 419 jblew@purdue.edu
Nancy E. Brown Graduate Student,
David Cambron Graduate Student REC 401 dmcambron@purdue.edu
Garick Chamberlin Graduate Student REC 405 chambe89@purdue.edu
Alexander S. Dessens Graduate Student adessens@purdue.edu
Erich Drollinger Graduate Student REC 420 edrollin@purdue.edu
Zachary Elledge Graduate Student REC 404 zelledge@purdue.edu
Caitlin Fendley Graduate Student REC 401 cfendley@purdue.edu
Andrew Brett Fogel Graduate Student afogel@purdue.edu
Renee Gaarder Graduate Student REC 409 rgaarder@purdue.edu
Edward J. Gray Graduate Student Online gray107@purdue.edu
Keith Harris Graduate Student REC 422 harri635@purdue.edu
Tyler Herber Graduate Student REC 419 herber0@purdue.edu
McKenzie Isom Graduate Student REC 421 isomm@purdue.edu
Padraig Lawlor Graduate Student plawlor@purdue.edu
Devan Lindey Graduate Student REC 421 dlindey@purdue.edu
Michelle Martindale Graduate Student REC 402 (765) 494-4132 mmartind@purdue.edu
Molly Mersmann Graduate Student REC 409 mmersman@purdue.edu
Tanner Moore Graduate Student REC 405 moore832@purdue.edu
Amber Nickell Graduate Student REC 410 anickell@purdue.edu
Standa Pejsa Graduate Student spejsa@purdue.edu
David Pike Graduate Student dwpike@purdue.edu
James Podgorski Graduate Student REC 403 jpodgors@purdue.edu
Angela Potter Graduate Student REC 420 anbowen@purdue.edu
Max J. Rieger Graduate Student rieger@purdue.edu
Kevin Robey Graduate Student krobey@purdue.edu
Ed Robson Graduate Student erobson@purdue.edu
Lana J. Robyne Graduate Student lrobyne@purdue.edu
Amanda J. Rumba Graduate Student REC 420 reason@purdue.edu
Brett D. Russler Graduate Student REC 404 765-494-4132 brussler@purdue.edu
Collin Schnakenberg Graduate Student REC 405 cschnak@purdue.edu
Lama El Sharief Graduate Student REC 402 lelshari@purdue.edu
Marcus E. Smith Graduate Student smit2087@purdue.edu
Anne C. Snider Graduate Student snider16@purdue.edu
Meredith K. Tuttle Stukey Graduate Student REC 409 tuttle13@purdue.edu
Adam Taylor Graduate Student REC 421 taylo810@purdue.edu
Annalise Walkama Graduate Student REC 410 awalkama@purdue.edu
Hyeseon Woo Graduate Student REC 422 woo28@purdue.edu
Ruisheng Zhang Graduate Student REC 401 (765) 494-4132 zhan1849@purdue.edu


Name Room Phone Email
Nancy E. Brown Graduate Student,

Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907 (765) 494-4600

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