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The Illuminations Lecture Series

The Illuminations Lecture Series is an interdisciplinary humanities lecture series sponsored by the Philosophy & Literature Program at Purdue University.  The overall aim of the series is to foster an intellectual environment open to the interdisciplinary exploration of the humanities, primarily that between philosophy and literature.

Coordinated and hosted by graduate students in the program, Illuminations features a variety of guest speakers - including faculty, graduate students and industry professionals - who present on a range of topics in the humanities and their practice. In the Spring 2013 semester, the graduate student coordinators began recording the lectures and posting them to YouTube. Special thanks to Dr. Donovan Irven (Midwestern State University) for curating the playlist there.

How to Grow a Democracy: John Dewey on the Plasticity of the Pupil

Tom Sparrow (Slippery Rock University)
19 February 2015

It's All Uphill from Here: Joyful Rebellion in Camus' Philosophy and Literature

Eric Hamm (Lynn University)
12 February 2015

Which Way to Go? Deciding on a Planetary Politics: The Future Behavior of Capital’s Accumulation Regimes and its Modes of Crisis-Governance

Robert King (Sierra Nevada College)
4 December 2014

Deleuze, Protocols of Experience and the Experimental Novel

Ronald Bogue (University of Georgia)
25 September 2014

Representing the Enemy Other: Jarrett Kobek's Atta, Postmodern Narrative, and the Architectural Unconscious

John Duvall (Purdue University)
17 April 2014

James Joyce’s Oriental Women: Aladdin and ‘Circe’

Agata Szczeszak-Brewer (Wabash College)
3 April 2014

Philosophy as the Praxis of Life and Death: A Demonstration

Gabrielle Aruta (Montclair State University)
6 March 2014

The Communicative Turn in Philosophical Discourse

Calvin O. Schrag (Purdue University)
20 February 2014

Inner Sense and the Refutation of Idealism

Jacqueline Mariña (Purdue University)
23 January 2014

Power as Control and the Therapeutic Effects of Hegel’s Logic

Chris Yeomans (Purdue University)
5 December 2013

On the Idea of Metaphysical Poetry

Andrew Cutrofello (Loyola University Chicago)
21 November 2013

Pedagogical Personae: On Two Approaches to Literature and Criticism

Daniel Morris (Purdue University)
26 September 2013

The Good, the Bad and the Funny: the Images of Socrates in Plato's Apology

Sophia Stone (Purdue University)
12 September 2013

‘so at the mercy of things’: Katherine Mansfield, Virginia Woolf, and Post-impressionism

Brian May (Northern Illinois University)
18 April 2013

On the Sources of Normativity: A Deleuzian Account

Daniel Smith (Purdue University)
28 March 2013

Girard, Levinas, and Substitution

Sandor Goodhart (Purdue University)
24 January 2013

Speculative Realism and the Philosophy of Tristan Garcia

Graham Harmon (The American University in Cairo)
14 January 2013