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Teri Rueb lecture/workshop

Machines in the Garden: Locative Media, Network Landscapes and New Frontiers

Teri Rueb

Barbara Walker Visiting Artist Lecture, Spring 2009
Dean's Auditorium, Pfendler Hall, Room 241
Thursday, October 1st, 2009, 6:30pm

Mobile networks and wireless telecommunications technologies are inherently spatial at the scale of landscape and infrastructure. Important questions about the relationship of landscape and subjectivity - our very sense of place in the world - emerge with the rise of this new "network land-scape" condition. Artists working in this domain have begun to explore, design and represent this condition in projects that range from networked street performance and activism, to collaborative cartography and pervasive games. Working in the tradition of land and environmental art, as well as sound art and performance, Teri Rueb will present works from the last ten years of her practice as they form an inquiry into the status of landscape, ecology, and the body in the context of mobile network society.

Workshop in Locative Media

Pao Hall B173
Friday/Saturday, October 2nd and 3rd

Teri Rueb will lead a workshop in locative media that will introduce participants to basic concepts in the technical, aesthetic and compositional aspects of creating GPS-based interactive sound installations. The workshop is designed to address a spectrum of participants from novice to expert. Space is limited. (Please reserve a seat by contacting: fwinklersignpurdue.edu)


Teri Rueb has pioneered the form of GPS-based interactive installations and is the recipient of numerous grants and commissions from international institutions including the Edith Russ Site for New Media, The Banff Center for the Arts, the Boston ICA, Artslink, Turbulence.org, and various State Arts Councils. She has lectured and presented her work worldwide at venues including Ars Electronica, ISEA, SIGGRAPH, Transmediale, The New Museum of Contemporary Art, Kiasma Museum, and IRCAM.

Rueb is Professor of Media Study at the University at Buffalo (SUNY). She recently served as Department Head of the graduate Department of Digital + Media at the Rhode Island School of Design where she was one of two founding faculty members from 2004-2009.


Picture on top of page: Teri Rueb, Core Sample, 2008.