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Department of Music

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Department of Music

The Department of Music in the Patti and Rusty Rueff School of Design, Art, and Performance offers a BA in Music with concentrations in Music Technology and General Music Studies. This innovative program has a limited number of courses required for the degree, 42-46 credits, allowing students to receive two degrees in four years following the Degree+ program       

Students may choose to follow the Degree+ program or major solely in music without an additional major. Students graduating in Music Technology can pursue careers in the recording industry, film and video production, composition, arranging and radio and television. Those graduating in General Music Studies frequently go on to graduate studies in music theory, composition, history and literature, and arts management. The Music Department also offers a 21-credit certificate in Music Technology and a 15-credit Minor in Music History and Theory. The Department provides a wide range of courses open to the general college student which include music theory, composition, music history, rock music, jazz, world music and music technology.


NOTE: Students interested in studying music theory who have no previous musical experience are encouraged to take MUS 11200, Fundamentals of Music. Students with two or more years of band, orchestra, choir or piano are allowed to enroll in MUS 13200, Music Theory I without taking a music theory placement exam. There are a number of Music Theory Placement Exams that are matched to our music theory sequence of courses. For advanced placement in one of these courses or credit by examination, please contact the Department of Music at 765-494-3708 or

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