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Audition Announcement

Generals on Wednesday, September 8, 6:30 - 10:30 pm, PAO 2154


By María Irene Fornés
Directed by Raquel Lopez
Rehearsals begin: October 5, 2021
Performances: November 12 – 21, 2021


We will be conducting auditions and callbacks for this production in person.

Generals: Wednesday, September 8, 6:30 – 10:30pm., Pao Hall 2154

Callbacks: Saturday September 11, 1:00 – 5:00p. Actors will be notified of a callback via email on Thursday, September 9.


Purdue Department of Theatre Acting Majors and Acting Certificate Students**: Please memorize and prepare one of the provided monologues from the script.

Purdue Department of Theatre Majors, Theatre Minors, Theatre Design and Production Majors and Non-Theatre Majors**: Please prepare one of the provided monologues from the script. You may choose to read the monologue in your audition.

Purdue Department of Theatre Acting Graduate Students**: Please memorize and prepare one of the provided monologues from the script.

Provided Monologues: Selected monologues are available HERE or on the Theatre callboard across from PAO 2165. 


A Note on Staged Intimacy: All staged contact will be led in rehearsals by a consultant trained in staging intimacy. All instances of staged intimacy for the characters required of the script are noted in parentheses in the character description below. If actors prefer not to be considered for characters because of staged intimacy or have questions they will be given an option to indicate this on the online audition form.

A Note on Staged Violence: All staged contact will be led in rehearsals by a consultant trained in staging violence. All instances of staged violence for the characters required of the script are noted in parentheses in the character description below.

** Important Note on COVID-19: Please note that with social distancing and safety considerations related to COVID-19, staging, including intimacy and violence may be curtailed, abstracted, or cut.

Enrollment Requirement: Student actors cast in this production must register for 2-3 credits of THTR 536 Rehearsal and Performance.

Scripts: For an electronic copy of the script, please visit here. 



STEPHANY “FEFU” BECKMAN — Fefu (pronounced Feh-foo) is the host of this gathering, which is held at her house in the New England countryside. She is friends with everyone except Christina, whom she has just met. Fefu is a well-heeled philanthropist, giving talks and fundraising for education. At her house, she is a thorough and welcoming host and has a playful, fun spirit. There are also glimpses of her dropping under some kind of strain. The audience is introduced to Fefu's unusual relationship with her husband Phillip at the very beginning of the play but Fefu's bright behavior glosses over her unhappiness, which only gradually emerges. (Fires a gun)

EMMA BLAKE — Emma is boisterous and outgoing, jumping into Julia’s lap and kissing one of the women sitting on the couch, and taking part in the water fight. She is wealthy and likes to travel, showing up at Fefu's house wearing an outfit she bought in Turkey. Emma has also brought along an even more outlandish costume to wear for their fundraiser event. Emma is a performer and likes to recite. Her recitation of Emma Sheridan Frye's work is the core performance of their fundraising event. Emma and Fefu are especially close with each other. Despite her extroverted behavior, Emma pays close attention to her friends and has keen insight into their personalities; however, her own emotions are not revealed.

JULIA — Julia is one of the central characters of this play. She is wheelchair-bound following a mysterious hunting accident. She now suffers from petit mal seizures, also known as absent seizures, where the person loses consciousness for a few seconds. Julia may in fact be epileptic and her seizures were brought on by the bang of the hunter's gun rather than a blow to the head. Julia assures everyone that she is adapting well. She matter-of-factly tells Cindy, "I'm very morbid these days. I think of death all the time." There is a lot of tension surrounding Julia's presence in Fefu's house because of the gun Fornés has placed in the living room. (Holds a gun)

PAULA CORI — Paula, like the other women, is a friend of Fefu's and an educator. She is less well off than her wealthy friends but has come to the conclusion that she is no less happy. Paula and Cecilia had a romantic relationship that has recently fizzled out. Paula tells Cecilia, "I'm not lusting after you," when Cecilia continues to give her mixed signals. Paula is clearly still drawn to Cecilia but determined to not be the less-dominant figure in any future relationship. (Hugs and kisses Cecilia.)

CHRISTINA — is new to this circle of friends and only knows Cindy and Julia. She is disturbed by Fefu's talk and frightened by the group's outlandish behavior, such as Fefu shooting blanks at her husband and the extensive water fight over who will do the dishes. Christina prefers to conform to not stand out or be involved in conflict-and she admits to Cindy that Fefu confuses her.

CINDY — Cindy is a friend of Fefu's and cares for her despite Fefu's wild behavior. She is patient and spends most of the play in company with Christina, who doesn't know this group of friends. Cindy does not express an opinion as to whether she approves of Fefu or not, giving readers the impression that she rides the fence: she mutely goes along with Fefu's ideas but maintains a calm, normal exterior, not talking or behaving like Fefu or Emma. (Handles a gun)

CECILIA JOHNSON — Cecilia is a friend of Fefu's and is Paula's former lover.-She and Paula drifted apart although Cecilia's disinterest in the relationship seems to have precipitated the breakup. Throughout the play, Cecilia sends Paula mixed signals, sometimes being cold to her and sometimes affectionate. Cecilia is manipulative, trying to maintain control in their relationship, not inviting Paula to call her but telling Paula that she will call, and then refusing to commit to a time. When Paula shows her strength and refuses to be run over by this manipulation, Cecilia is inexplicably drawn to her ex-lover. In this play, Cecilia's dominating behavior is a masculine foil to Paula's feminist strength. (Hugs and kisses Paula.)

SUE — Sue is an educator and a friend of Fefu's. She is helpful: making lunch, serving food and coffee, and washing dishes. She is also the treasurer of their fundraising group. Sue is playful, demonstrating the many uses of ice cubes on a stick as well as taking part in the water fight. She is also sensitive to others’ feelings but does not push them when they do not want to talk. Little is known about her life outside this single day at Fefu's house, except that she, like the others there, has been smart enough not to be sent to the psychiatrist like some of their former friends were. Sue is a feminist-in-hiding, breaking out at the appropriate times but generally sticking to the gender role expected of her. Sue is one of the most domestic women in this play.


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