Oil on wood, 72" x 38"
Kim Anno, 1997

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Artist Statement
Kim Anno

This work transgresses a territory between painting and object. It is centered in a kind of specific abstraction that responds to Islamic, Moorish and Desert architecture in its structure. I paint with oil glaze a series of amorphous images and patterns that fluctuate between a furious complexity and a luminous reduction. These images are informed by a myriad of Asian and Native American cultures. The brushmarks are both tender and visceral in that I am seeking the vulnerability of the painting. This allows a kind of terrible beauty to emerge, a place that is both mysterious and familiar.

I am also looking to the notion of archetype: the body as mediator: the essential nature of masculinity and femininity, the process of inhale and exhale. The potency of color as symbolic and psychological subject in itself is also important to my work. These pieces provide me an arena for my own cultural definition which because of its complexity was something lost to the wayside of childhood, a casualty of multi-ethnicity. In this way, these paintings blur the boundaries between high art and cultural artifact. They are wild objects of contemplation and humor.

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All text and artwork are Kim Anno.