Break from Pulp
acrylic, 50" x 60"
Lenore Chinn, 1994

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Lenore Chinn

Lenore Chinn is a second-generation Asian American artist whose realistic acrylics on canvas have been exhibited in juried regional and national exhibitions over the last twenty years. Her visibility as an artist and a community activist in the San Francisco Bay Area has generated much interest in her works, which frequently make visual references to lesbian and gay culture. As a full-time studio artist supplementing her income with a non-art related job, she has been able to paint, on her own terms, images which document her life and those within her social milieu. Through juried competitions regionally, nationally, and internationally she has gained exposure for her work and attracted collectors who recognize and understand her unique iconography. These figurative works have become the subject of numerous artist profiles, academic discourses on contemporary and lesbian/gay fine art as well as several international women's anthologies. She is a frequent lecturer on the subjects of cultural diversity and lesbian/gay iconography in the fine arts. The artist has been a founding member of Lesbians in the Visual Arts, Queer Cultural Center and the Asian American Women Artists Association. She is a member of numerous civic arts groups and continues to lobby on behalf of community- based cultural facilities. Because of her visibility as a lesbian in San Francisco's electoral politics, she also assumed a new role as a cultural activist. She became a writer and lecturer at times, stressing the importance of creating our own network of like-minded artists and writers. She advanced the idea that in the absence of a system that functioned adequately for contemporary artists such as herself, it is critical to identify resources, educators, writers, historians, and artists of note.

Gallery · Statement · Biography · Bibliography · Essay

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