fig. 1: 500 Reasons to Preserve the Earth
Installation, 10' x 6.5' x 8', Dublin, Calif. Civic Center
© Jo Hanson, 1996

Nature, Culture, Public Space
by Terri Cohn, © 1998



Central to the vision of most of the twelve women artists selected for this discussion is their work in the public sector. Aside from the reality that public projects that address current social concerns are imminently fundable, realizing this work in civic space has significant visibility and impact. The undertakings are diverse in intent and scale, ranging from such grassroots vision as Jo Hanson's more than two decades of ongoing sidewalk and street cleaning in front of her house, and Caryl Henry's community gardens and murals created with Oakland youth; to monumental public collaborations involving hundreds of participants, like Ann Chamberlain's San Francisco Public Library project and Suzanne Lacy's work with at-risk adolescents in her TEAM (Teens + Educators + Artists + Media Makers) ventures.







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