Cynthia, from "Latina Lesbians"
photograph, Laura Aguilar

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Laura Aguilar

Laura Aguilar's work has been published in Art in America, Visions Art Quarterly, Frame-Work: The Journal of Images and Culture, The Photo Review, Nueva Luz: A Photographic Journal, Vol. 4, #2, New York: En Foco, Inc., 1993; Forbidden Subjects: Self-Portraits by Lesbian Artists, edited by Caffyn Kelley, N. Vancouver: Gallerie, 1992; Gallerie: Women's Art, Vol.1, #1, North Vancouver: Gallerie, 1988; and elsewhere.

Her work is discussed in "This is Not a Fairy Tale" by Catherine Lord in Reframings: New American Feminist Photographies, edited by Diane Neumaier, Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1995.

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