Unknown Deviances (What a Dish!)
#4 of 9, 32" x 40", 1989, Kaucyila Brooke

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Kaucyila Brooke

I was born in Oregon City, Oregon. I went to University of Puget Sound, in Tacoma Washington and received a B.A. degree in English Literature in 1974. Following college, I moved around the country educating myself in anarchistic grass roots community politics and organizational skills. I ended up living in the Eugene, Oregon area experimenting with a country lesbian life, collective city living and doing social service political work with a battered woman's shelter. After four years of working as a radio producer in public access radio, I turned to photography as the primary focus of my creative production. I pieced together a photographic education in between jobs and exhibited at a collectively run gallery called Project Space in Eugene, Oregon.

In 1982 I moved to Tucson, Arizona for the graduate program in photography at the University of Arizona. I received my M.F.A. in 1986 and stayed on in Tucson for two years working, exhibiting nationally and locally at a collective gallery called Central Arts Collective. In 1988 I moved to San Diego to begin my teaching career at University of California San Diego in the Visual Arts Department until 1991 when I moved to Chicago to teach at The School of the Art Institute. Just one year later I moved back to Southern California to accept a permanent position as a member of the faculty at Cal Arts. I have now been living in Los Angeles for six years.

Except for short sojourns in England, Maine, Missouri, Minnesota and Illinois, I have always lived and preferred to live in the west. My photographic work consistently interrogates the relationship of culture to nature and the western landscape is an especially important point of departure for these questions. I have photographed in the southwestern desert, Monument Valley and the urban and mountain landscapes of Southern California. Most recently during my annual summer visits to the Oregon coast, I've been making landscapes of the clearcutting in the coastal mountain range. These images of nature exist in my work as the location of the tableaux enacted by the characters in my photo and text narratives.

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