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From Lesbian Mothering Series
1985, Cathy Cade

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Cathy Cade

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Cathy Cade's photographs have been included in numerous journals, magazines, newspapers, record album covers etc., such as:

Common Lives/Lesbian Lives: A Lesbian Quarterly. Number 29, Winter 1989 and Number 38, Spring 1991.

Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies. Volume X, No. 2, 1988.

Matriart: A Canadian Feminist Art Journal. Volume 1, No. 4, Summer 1991.

Off Our Backs, A Women's News Journal. Aug./Sept. 1995, Nov. 1995, June 1993, May 1993, July 1992, Jan. 1992, July 1991, March 1991, Dec. 1989, May 1989, Nov. 1988, Nov. 1986, Jan. 1986, July 1974, Dec. 1973, Nov. 1973..

Sinister Wisdom. Winter/Spring 1996, Summer/Fall 1995, Spring 1993, Spring 1992.

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