Madrone Leaves
color print, Hawk Madrone

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Hawk Madrone

I was born on March 4, 1939 in Hanover, a small town in south central PA. After graduating from high school in 1957, I set out for the big world in the form of the Penn State University where the sheer size of the freshman (sic) class of 4000 was a serious challenge to my modest working-class self-confidence. I barely made it through that first year. But I had sturdy boot straps and I worked hard, very hard, and by 1963 had a Master's degree in Philosophy.

Now, 35 years and two careers (philosophy teacher and auto mechanic) later, I have been living for 21 years as a Lesbian Separatist making Lesbian culture in the forested hills of southern Oregon. I am a woodworker, gardener, photographer, baker, knitter, teacher, woodswoman, writer, who purposes to do Tai Chi as a way of life.

I have inherited an amalgam of Lutheran and Jewish perspectives and values, have hearing loss and tinnitus, none of which keeps me from knowing the goddess in the Earth, in you, in myself.

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