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Victoria Lena Manyarrows

Artist Statement
Victoria Lena Manyarrows

My work reflects my background and work as a Tsalagi/Eastern Cherokee/Italian lesbian woman who is an active member of the international Native Writers Circle of the Americas and Wordcraft Circle of Native American Writers and Storytellers (as a mentor), American Indian Contemporary Arts, and Lesbians in the Visual Arts. My work also reflects my many years of experience working as a social worker, community organizer, writer, artist and administrator in community arts, education, health and social service programs in the San Francisco Bay Area.

For me, writing and visual art has always been a vehicle for political and personal change, as well as spiritual exploration and expression. When I was in my early 20's, writing helped me to integrate my spiritual identity and sense of self with my political awakening and involvement in the feminist, American Indian and lesbian movements and communities, in particular. Today I continue to write and complete art pieces which incorporate my writing, not only to release the worlds inside and give myself a voice, but also to encourage and educate, share and affirm the experiences of those who may read, visually enjoy and/or listen to my work - and who also have voices to be heard.

I Never Was A Maiden
gelatin silver print with text, 16"x20"
Victoria Lena Manyarrows


Born April 1956 in North Dakota. Master's Degree in Social work, 1993, San Francisco State University. Art education: City College (S.F.) & community college classes. Worked in the San Francisco community cultural centers (1981-1994). Received Astraea National Lesbian Action Foundation Emerging Writers Award in poetry, 1994. Songs From the Native Lands by Victoria Lena Manyarrows, San Francisco: Nopal Press, 1995. Photographs exhibited in The Dynamics of Color, San Francisco, 1989.

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Victoria Lena Manyarrows

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