Self-Portrait with 4x5 Camera
photograph, 1990, Katie Niles

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Artist Statement
Katie Niles

Writing an Artist's Statement is difficult for me. First off, because I don't express myself very well through words. But even more than that, I don't consider myself an artist. Well, not a real artist anyway.

I never attended art school and got art degrees like other artists. And I don't really make much money selling my photos. I'm just a dyke that likes to take photographs. I like photographing women the best: single women, 2 women expressing their love for one another, a formal portrait, or just a casual shot. If no one is available when I'm in the mood, I do lots of self-portraits.

It's a challenge for me to get a great photo and then do all the darkroom work to make it even better. I think I like photography because it fills some sort of an inner need to record a person's image and enlarge it to a big photo to hang on the wall. It satisfies my soul to get a really special photo. All is well when I see that special photo in darkroom developing trays. It makes me very happy. (And lots of times I get really shitty when that special photo doesn't come up in the trays.)

I do photography when I can afford it. Film and darkroom supplies are expensive. I'm learning computer skills - once again, self-taught - and just got a digital camera so I can do computer photos and not have to spend all that time and money in the darkroom.

Photography is something that will always be part of my life. Some years it's more intense and demanding than others, but always there.

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