Self-Portrait with Hat and Pipe
photograph, 1982, Katie Niles

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Katie Niles

Born in Geneva, Ohio July 8, 1951. Grew up on a farm in central Indiana. Graduated from Indiana University in 1973 with a degree in Elementary Education. No formal training in photography. Photography is a family hobby, so I was exposed to cameras and enlargers as I grew up. Spent many hours in the basement darkroom teaching myself to develop photos. Started out using an old Rollei 2-1/4 camera that belonged to my Dad. Also used an Argus C-3 35 mm camera in the beginning, teaching myself as I went along. Later took up large format (4x5).

Moved to the West Coast after first attending, then teaching The Feminist Photography Ovulars in southern Oregon, 1979-1982. Exhibited at the Wildrose Gallery and The Encore, both in Seattle. Published in many women's movement periodicals. Publicity photographs for Seal Press.

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