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Jill Posener

From my earliest political awakenings as a young teenager marching on the streets of Berlin protesting the Vietnam War, to my committed radical feminism in the mid 70's, to a more reflective community based activism here in California, the camera has been my partner in crime documenting those things that move me, make me laugh or cry.

But I never photographed the demonstrations I participated in, the windows of porn stores that I broke, or the arrests that happened around me - I photographed the symbols, if you like, of those protests. As graffiti mushroomed in London as a response to an advertising industry so mindless of women's concerns or as animal rights activists or anti-smoking groups chained themselves to railings, I photographed their public statements on walls.

I want my images to inspire and incite - after all it is the same sense of inspiration and incitement that created them.

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