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Nancy Rosenblum

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Artist Statement
Nancy Rosenblum

I started taking pictures of lesbians, quite frankly, because I could not relate to the images of women in the media and magazines. Women who looked to me to be totally objectified and powerless. The women I related to were strong, centered, sexy women that absolutely took my breath away...Lesbians!

Piano Teacher (reclining), 27 and
Artist, Paper Maker (sitting), 25
Nancy Rosenblum

In my portraits of lesbians I confront the viewer with the inner strength and vulnerability of women unto themselves. These women are unafraid to look you in the eye and because the photographs are printed large, 16" x 20", there is no escaping their gaze. By including the names, ages, and occupations of the women in my photographs, I am both demystifying and personalizing the portraits. We come in all sizes, colors, ages and professions.

I feel that we as lesbians have a lot to learn from each other. And, I feel that we are terrific rolemodels for all women and society at large.

Nancy Rosenblum

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