Kitty Tsui: Competition Body Builder
1991, Theresa Thadani

Theresa Thadani
Theresa Thadani was born in San Francisco in 1960 to a South Asian father and Japanese mother. She learned photography through community college classes and continues to learn by doing.

Her photos appear in The Femme Mystique and The Persistent Desire: A Femme-Butch Reader and on both covers of Chea Villanueva's The China Girls, Filipinas, Curve, Girlfriends, The Advocate, Denueve: Lesbian Magazine, Outweek, Bay Area Reporter, Bay Times, National Coalition against Domestic Violence, New York WomanNew, and Philadelphia Gay News.

The Chinagirls
front cover, 1991
Theresa Thadani

Chea Villanueva
from the back cover of
The Chinagirls, 1991
Theresa Thadani

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