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Lesbian Art Books: 1979-1998

Ashburn, Elizabeth. Lesbian Art: An Encounter With Power. N.S.W., Australia: Craftsman House, 1996. Distributed in US by Gordon and Breach.

Atkins, Chloe. Girls Night Out. New York: St. Martin's, 1998.

Boffin, Tessa and Jean Fraser, ed. Stolen Glances: Lesbians Take Photographs. London: Pandora Press, 1991. Distributed in U.S. by Harper San Francisco.

Bright, Susie and Jill Posener. Nothing But the Girl: The Blatant Lesbian Image. London: Cassell, 1996.

Cade, Cathy A Lesbian Photo Album: The Lives of Seven Lesbian Feminists. Oakland, CA: Waterwoman Books, 1987.

Cage, John, Morton Feldman, David Hare, Morris Kantor, Richard Lippold, Robert Motherwell, and Betty Parsons. Sonia Sekula. New York: The Swiss Institute, 1996.

Cooper, Emmanuel. The Sexual Perspective: Homosexuality and Art in the Last 100 Years in the West. London and New York: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1986.

Cottingham, Laura. Lesbians Are So Chic. New York: Cassell, 1996.

Davis, Whitney. Gay and Lesbian Studies in Art History. New York: Harrington Park Press, 1994.

Francesconi, Judy. Stolen Moments. Los Angeles: Judy Francesconi Photography, 1997.

Gates, Beatrix, ed. The Wild Good: Lesbian Photographs & Writing on Love. New York: Anchor/Doubleday, 1996.

Hammond, Harmony and Lord, Catherine. Gender, Fucked. Seattle: CoCA (Center On Contemporary Art), 1996.

Hanh Thi Pham. Hanh Thi Pham: A Vietnamese: Her Body in Revolt. Fukuoka, Japan: Fukuoka Art Museum: 1997.

JEB (Joan E. Biren). Eye To Eye, Portraits of Lesbians. Washington, DC: Glad Hag Books, 1979.

JEB (Joan E. Biren). Making A Way: Lesbians Out Front. Washington, DC: Glad Hag Books, 1987.

Kelley, Caffyn, ed. Forbidden Subjects: Self-Portraits by Lesbian Artists. North Vancouver, B.C.: Gallerie, 1992.

Leperlier, Francois. Claude Cahun, Photographe. Paris: Jean Michel Place, 1992. Distributed by DAP, Distributed Art Publishers, New York.

Mariechild, Diane and Marcelina Martin. Lesbian Sacred Sexuality. Oakland, CA: Wingbow Press, 1995.

Moore, Honor. The White Blackbird: A Life of the Painter Margaret Sargent. New York: Viking, 1996.

Novotny, Ann. Alice's World: The Life and Photography of an American Original: Alice Austen, 1866-1952. Old Greenwich, CT: The Chatham Press, 1976.

Rooney, Frances. Working Light: The Wandering Life of Edith S. Watson. Ottawa: Carleton U. Press, 1996.

Smyth, Cherry. Damn Fine Art by New Lesbian Artists. London: Cassell, 1996.

Smyth, Cherry. Della Grace, Photographs. Bregenz, Austria: Magazin 4, Vorarlberger Kunstverein, 1996.

Soares, M.G., ed. Butch/Femme. New York: Crown, 1995.

Vaughan, Caroline. Borrowed Time: Photographs. Raleigh NC: Duke U. Press, 1996.

Weisinger, Jean. Imagery: Women Writers, Portraits by Jean Weisinger. San Francisco: Aunt Lute Books, 1996.

Weiss, Andrea. Paris Was A Woman, Portraits From the Left Bank. New York: HarperCollins, 1995.

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