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Women Artists of the American West (WAAW) features the vital contributions that women have made to the art and history of the American west. The site is designed as an interdisciplinary resource and a distance learning course.

The WAAW Internet archive currently contains 17 collections, arranged according to four themes: community, identity, spirituality and locality. Each collection is comprised of illustrated essays, most of which have been written specifically for WAAW by recognized art historians, curators and artists.

WAAW is not a comprehensive document. We intend to add collections and expand the archive over time to better represent the rich diversity of women's art in the American west. To that end, we welcome your comments and suggestions, and we hope you enjoy your visit to this site.

Navigation Guide

To Access Collections:

WAAW has several indexes, each of which enables specialized access to the collections. Each WAAW page links to at least one index, and each index has a return link to the WAAW homepage, where a complete menu of indexes is available.

The Main Index is a comprehensive list of all WAAW collections arranged alphabetically by author's name and grouped under each of the four themes (first community, then identity, then spirituality, and then locality). The Main Index includes an image icon, author, and title for each collection. Click on the icon or the title to view the collection.

Four theme indexes are also available. When you see the colored icons for Community, Identity, Spirituality or Locality at the bottom of a WAAW page, click on the icon to view a list of collections grouped under that theme. As in the Main Index, click on the icon or title of a collection to view it.

The Contributors index is a comprehensive list of all WAAW authors and artists. Authors of each WAAW collection are listed alphabetically at the top of the page, followed by a second alphabetized list of artists' names. Click on an author's or artist's name to view the collection which contains her or his materials.

The Syllabus index is an illustrated and annotated list of those collections which comprise the curriculum for the distance learning course offered by Purdue and Penn State in fall 1998. The syllabus icon appears at the bottom of every WAAW page. Click on the icon to view the syllabus; then click on the collection's icon or title to view it.

The Search engine is currently being developed and will be available fall 1998.

To Access Images:

WAAW is lavishly illustrated; the site contains more than a thousand images of women's artwork. Images can be found in essays, galleries, and artists' pages (which include artists' statements, biographies and bibliographies).

All WAAW images are hypertext links so that viewers can enlarge each image. To view an enlargement, click on the image. An enlarged version will appear on your monitor screen. To return to the text or gallery, click on the enlargement or use your browser's "back" button.

In some cases enlargements are accompanied by an image detail. When you see a small detail below an enlargement, click on the detail and it will enlarge. As with all enlargements, click on the enlarged version or use your browser's "back" button to return to your place.


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