fig. 11: The Brazos, 1997
© Alyce Frank, 36x48", oil

fig. 12: Splendid Threshold
© Barbara Zaring, 30x40, oil


Barbara Zaring

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"I didn't need Barbara's paintings to be an exact replica of a place. Barbara's paintings seemed to echo instead the whole true world of the land I loved: its vastness, its aching joy and wild celebratory wailing. Someone once said of New Mexico that it's empty, like the mind of God. Empty - and bursting with color."

from Natalie Goldberg's
Living Color, A Writer Paints Her World
Bantam Books, 1997.


Alyce Frank

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"Finally and most importantly, Alyce Frank lives and breathes in a primitive world. . . . Whether a 'primitif' has been part of a Penitente ritual or a Native American dance, or whether it has imbued an African ceremony with its spirit, each comes to the morada bringing its own spontaneity and energy, its own ritualistic force. This is the power which draws Alyce Frank and which she imparts to her best work."

from Mary Terrence McKay's
Alyce Frank, exhibition catalog,
Zaplin Lampert Gallery, Santa Fe, 1991.

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