fig. 19: X-Ray by Elizabeth Fleischmann
Normal foot taken through shoe, showing tendons,
muscles, and how the shoe is laced.

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Obituary Notice
Elizabeth Fleischmann

"DEATH OF A FAMOUS WOMAN RADIOGRAPHER...Mrs. Elizabeth Fleischmann-Aschheim, the wife of I.J. Aschheim, grand secretary of the Independent Order of B'nai B'rith, died last Thursday after suffering for months from injuries sustained in the pursuit of her profession as a radiographer. In her demise the community loses one of the most admirable women of science and of the most ardent workers in the interests of afflicted humanity.

"For years Mrs. Aschheim had been operating with the X-ray, and had acquired fame as one of the greatest experts in that line. She became indispensable to the Army physicians during the Philippine War, when wounded and crippled soldiers came here on the transports, and she located the bullets and splinters and exposed them to the eyes of the surgeons. Her work attracted the attention of the Surgeon-General of the Army, who rated her work as the best known.

"But so intent was she in the performance of her work that she became careless of her own health. She acquired the reputation [as] the most expert woman radiographer of the world, but she sacrificed her arm [to radiation poisoning] in the pursuit of that fame. The arm was amputated last January. She never fully recovered her health, though she endured all suffering with heroic fortitude. Death came as a relief..." San Francisco Chronicle, August 5, 1905, p. 10.

100 Years of California Photography by Women

All text compiled by Peter E. Palmquist
Elizabeth Fleischmann: Pioneer X-Ray Photographer (exhibition catalog).
Berkeley, California: Judah L. Magnes Museum, 1990.