Dreamers II
Monotype, 28x40", 1992
© Ruth Weisberg

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Ruth Weisberg

The catalog for Weisberg's 1997 exhibition at the University of Judaism contains an essay on her work by Peter Frank. A Mid-life Catalogue Raisonne of Ruth Weisberg's Prints, published by the Fresno Art Museum included a conversation with the artist by Robert Barrett, and an essay by Mac McCloud. New Beginnings, the Skirball Museum Collections and Inaugural Exhibition (edited by Grace Cohen Grossman, Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles, 1996: 65, 83-85) contains a color plate and commentary on Weisberg's work. She and her work were featured on the cover of Exposures: Women and their Art by Betty Ann Brown and Arlene Raven with photographs by Kenna Love (New Stage Press, Pasadena, California, 1989). Other major catalogs of her work have been published in conjunction with "The Survey" exhibition 1968-1988, with essays by Marion Jackson and Thalia Gouma-Peterson; "The Scroll," with essays by Lawrence Hoffman and Nancy Berman; "A Circle of Life" exhibition, with an introduction by Anne Sutherland Harris and and essay by Selma Holo, 1986; the Magnes Museum Exhibition, with an essay by Ruth Elis, 1981; and the Barnsdall exhibition, introduced by June Wayne, with an essay by Gerard Hagerty, 1979. of her art and reproductions are included in Constance Harris' Portraiture in Prints (Crown Publishers, New York, 1978). In addition, among more than 65 major reviews and articles on Ruth Weisberg are the following:

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Statement · Biography · Bibliography

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