Help on Searching
To locate all relevant resources in WAAW, you may wish to search the site by artist, medium, region or other topic. If your search contains more than one word, in most cases you will want to separate each keyword by AND.

This search engine uses explicit AND, implicit OR.

When you use AND, the search engine will display only those pages that contain all of the keywords.

For example, in this case:

native AND american AND pottery

The search engine will display only pages that contain all three keywords.

Since OR is implicit, in this case:

native american AND pottery

The search engine will display all pages that contain the keyword "native" and all pages that contain "american and pottery". Since the search engine has received two research requests, one for "native" and one for "american and pottery", it will display a much larger set of results.

This search engine is not case sensitive. Therefore, it will not distinguish upper case from lower case keywords. If you capitalize, it will not affect your search results.