Mood Indigo, 1997
© Corinne Whitaker

unfolding: a memoir

Corinne Whitaker
© 1998

I Identity · II Community · III Spirituality · IV Locality


All artists work with light, the light of their souls cast upon the human condition. In addition, I work with tiny bits of light, electrons and glowing phosphorus. To be an artist, you must be willing to let the light of truth shine within your deepest self. You will need three essential pieces of software: hand, head, and heart. Hand, meaning that the development of your craft and the ability to "see" the world through your chosen medium take years to occur. Head, meaning that you must have something to say, or your work whether in pencil or megabytes will be meaningless. And Heart, meaning that you must believe obsessively, passionately in what you are doing. I hope that by opening the light into myself with these images and words you will be able to see how identity, locality, spirituality and community combine in one artist. I hope that as students you will be inspired to start the journey into your individual selves, to understand how important the process is rather than the tool or the product. Most of all, I want to immerse you in the magical world of digital imaging, on a voyage of discovery into the unknown.







All text and images © Corinne Whitaker.
Corinne Whitaker is a digital artist who lives in Carmel, California.
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