Taos Box, (80"x50"), © D. Zopf 1997

Dorothy Zopf

Dorothy Richards Zopf is a native of New Jersey. She is a graduate cum laude from Skidmore College, and continued her graduate education at the University of Illinois. She lived most of her life with her husband, George, and their four children, in Ohio, where she was a public school art teacher from 1949 - 1980.

Dorothy moved to Arroyo Seco, New Mexico, in 1981, where she became involved in innovative approaches to traditional quiltmaking. This has led her in several directions. In addition to doing her own original quilt designs, she and her husband developed a software program called
PATCHWORKS, which was published by Random House in 1985.

Her research on Spanish-American quiltmakers, and later, rural quiltmakers throughout the state of New Mexico, has been partially supported by a Laura Bettens Research grant from the American Quilt Study Group. The Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe keeps a standing order for copies of all her research data.

"I like the balance my research has given my own work. I no longer fret too much about the origin and fiber content of every scrap I use. My colors are bolder and there is more motion in my quilts than ever before. Living in New Mexico introduced me to both Native American and Hispanic cultures, and to a rugged, dry landscape, which has helped to expand my concept of what fabric and thread may accomplish."

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