fig. 31: Into the Light
Mixed Media Installation, 10'x10'x20',
Oakland, CA
© Caryl Henry, 1994

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Artist Statement
Caryl Henry

My life as an artist is composed of several activities which are reflected in my artworks. I work as a studio artist, a community and public artist and an educator.

For me, art is medicine; it brings me in close touch with the life force that is at the center of my being. It reflects where I am and how I am able to travel through the world at this time in history. This search for self and connection with community speaks to all who are present in our post modern culture. Most often I look for places in which I can feel a strong connection to nature.

Travel figures prominently in my process, as it is often through collaboration with other artists that I am able to more clearly see my own truth. Toward this end I have traveled to France, Cuba, Mexico and most recently to Nigeria, West Africa, to share ideas and processes with artists and to exhibit my work.

I was trained as a printmaker and have through the course of my career worked in sculpture, painting, mixed media, installation and public art.

Current concerns are to fully integrate my experiences in Africa, and to process into my art a stronger vision of who I am as an African American. This is taking the form of studio paintings, prints and sculptures. Also, I am working to bring my images and vision out of the traditional gallery environment and into the public arena, through site-specific public art works.

Statement · Biography · Bibliography

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