Kissing, mixed-media photograph
H. Lenn Keller

H. Lenn Keller

H. Lenn Keller was born in 1951 in Evanston, Illinois. She is a San Francisco based filmmaker and photographer, whose work deals with political and spiritual issues, including identity politics. She has a B.A. in Visual Communication from Mills College, and is currently at work on a series of mixed media photographs of people of color in natural settings in an attempt to re-construct and expand cultural frames of reference. She has made two 16mm short films, Ife (about a black French lesbian living in San Francisco), and Sightings (about two African American lesbians' humorous attempts to connect romantically). She is currently at work on a screenplay, which she hopes to independently produce and direct. She has been exhibiting her photography since 1981.

"E" was published in "Underexposed: The Photographic Image & Black Lesbian Identity" in Aché (a journal for African American lesbians), 1991.

"Dark Adventure" was exhibited in Hypothalamic In[Queer]ies, curated by Robert Kellery for CameraWork Gallery, San Francisco, CA 9993. This piece was one of six mixed-media photographs on the issue of racial objectification and fetishism of African American lesbians within the lesbian community.

E, from Aché, 1991
photograph, H. Lenn Keller

Dark Adventure
photograph, H. Lenn Keller

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