Photograph of Anita Oñang
from the cover of Lesbians Speak Out
1974, photographer unknown

Anita Oñang (a.k.a. Anita Taylor)
(Memories of Anita (Taylor) Oñang)

On The Dance Floor of Life

Wendy Cadden

Anita Oñang came up from Los Angeles and joined the Press Collective the year we were printing Lesbians Speak Out. She was young, vibrant, creative, extremely competent and was in love. She worked with the press but was always in action, often in leather, at first but then more and more in lovely flowing long hair, lips red, hard on the dance floor of life, always soft around the edges. She organized a lot of events with GENTE and designed posters and printed them - she photographed when she had a camera, printed when she had a press, painted and traveled when she got the chance and gave and gave and gave. She had a youthful confidence that belied any possibility of mortality and I don't believe any of us could believe she could really ever leave us. The joy, that hand on hip, that gave us all a glow, a smile, a laugh, a sense of warmth and wellbeing, is in that photograph and in the one of Willyce (Kim) that she took.

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