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Su'ad Abdul Khabeer
STON 310
(765) 496-3934
Associate Professor of Anthropology/African American Studies
Tithi Bhattacharya
UNIV 309
(765) 496-2731
Associate Professor; Director of Global Studies

Modern South Asia, Subaltern Studies, Marxism, histories of fear and superstition

TJ Boisseau
BRNG 6162
Associate Professor of Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program
Nadia E. Brown
BRNG 2232
(765) 494-0460
Associate Professor of Political Science, and African-American Studies; University Scholar

American Politics
African American Studies
Women and Politics

Cheryl Cooky
(765) 496-2857
Associate Professor of American Studies
Marlo David
Associate Professor of English and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Olga Dmitrieva
SC 166
(765) 494-9330
Assistant Professor of Russian and Linguistics

Theoretical and Laboratory Phonology, Acoustic Phonetics, Crosslinguistic Speech Perception, Language Interference in Second Language Acquisition.

Joseph C. Dorsey
BRNG 6172
(765) 494-5680
Associate Professor, African American Studies

Globalist; African American Studies

Rayvon Fouché
(765) 49-47161
Associate Professor of American Studies; Director of American Studies
Daniel H. Frank
BRNG 7135
(765) 494-7564
Professor of Philosophy; Director, Jewish Studies Program

Ancient Philosophy, Medieval Islamic and Jewish Philosophy, History of Political Philosophy, Ethics

Jennifer Freeman Marshall
BRNG 6156
(765) 49-46295
Assistant Professor of English and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Shaun Hughes
HEAV 434
(765) 494-3776
Professor; Director of English Language and Linguistics; Director of Medieval & Renaissance Studies; Director of Literary Studies

British & Postcolonial Literature

Benjamin Lawton
SC 139
(765) 494-3860
Associate Professor of Italian; Interim Director of Film & Video Studies; Chair of Italian Studies

Cinema, Medieval and Renaissance studies, Italian/American studies, cultural studies, Italian studies

Maren Linett
HEAV 411
(765) 494-5899
Professor of English; Director, Critical Disability Studies Program

British Literature

Dawn G. Marsh
UNIV 028
(765) 494-7900
Associate Professor; Director, Native American & Indigenous Studies

Native American and indigenous peoples history

Shannon McMullen
FPRD 202
(765) 494-0160
Associate Professor of Art and Design and American Studies

Art, Culture & Technology, American Studies

Bill Mullen
(765) 496-2856
Professor of American Studies

American Literature and Studies; African American Studies; Cultural Studies; Working-Class Studies; Critical Race Theory; Marxist Theory

Song No
SC 188
(765) 494-3866
Associate Professor of Spanish

Latin American colonial literature, transculturation, critical theory

Venetria K. Patton
BRNG 6158
(765) 496-9629
Head, School of Interdisciplinary Studies and Professor, English and African American Studies

African American and Diasporic Women’s Literature, African American Literature, 19th c. American Literature, & Feminist Discourse

Ashley M. Purpura
REC 301
Visiting Assistant Professor of Religious Studies; Director of of Religious Studies
Victor Raskin
HEAV 441
(765) 494-3782
Distinguished Professor


Felicia Roberts
BRNG 2170
(765) 494-3323
Professor and Associate Head in the Brian Lamb School of Communication
Charles Ross
HEAV 313
(765) 494-3729
Professor; Director of Comparative Literature

British Literature

Jay Stein
(765) 496-0235
Visiting Professor
Ronald J. Stephens
BRNG 6176
Professor and Director, African American Studies
Harry R. Targ
BRNG 2230
(765) 494-4169
Professor, Director of Peace Studies

International Political Economy
American Foreign Policy
The Labor Movement
Central America and the Caribbean

Monica M. Trieu
(765) 494-6472
Associate Professor of American Studies; Director, Asian American Studies

International Migration; Post-1960s Immigrants and Refugees; 1.5 and Second-Generation Identity; Transnational Ties; Historical and Contemporary Asian American Experiences; Race and Ethnicity 

Ronnie Wilbur
Heavilon Hall
Professor of Linguistics

American Sign Language, prosody-syntax-pragmatics interface, language and deafness

Melinda S. Zook
UNIV 327
(765) 494-4134
Professor of History and Director, Cornerstone Integrated Liberal Arts

Early Modern European History, Tudor-Stuart England, political thought and culture, women and gender

Courtesy Faculty

Colleen L. Gabauer

Managing Director // Office of Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs

Graduate Students

Ashley Albrecht

Ph.D. Candidate
Alyssia Ashkevron

Ph.D. Student, Philosophy & Literature
Esra Coskun

Ph.D. Student, Philosophy & Literature
Joshua Hackett

Ph.D. Student, Philosophy & Literature
B. Patrick Hoburg

Ph.D. Student, Philosophy & Literature
Donovan Irven

Ph.D. Candidate, Philosophy & Literature
Matthew L. Kroll

Ph.D. Candidate, Philosophy & Literature
Ibrahim Marazka
SC 240
TA--Ph.D. Candidate/Intructor of German/Fulbright Scholar
Ashley Matney
BRNG 2263
Ph.D. Student in Philosophy & Literature; Outside Teaching Assistant in Brian Lamb School of Communication
Jonathan McConnell

Ph.D. Student, Philosophy & Literature
David O. Midtvedt

Ph.D. Student, Philosophy & Literature
Lynn Parrish
SC G080
Graduate Student/Philosophy & Literature
Amy Pommerening

Ph.D. Student, Philosophy & Literature
Jason Rose

Ph.D. Student, Philosophy & Literature
Strand Sheldahl-Thomason

Ph.D. Student

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