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Tithi Bhattacharya
UNIV 309
(765) 496-2731
Associate Professor; Director of Global Studies

Modern South Asia, Subaltern Studies, Marxism, histories of fear and superstition

TJ Boisseau
BRNG 6162
Associate Professor of Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program
Nadia E. Brown
BRNG 2232
(765) 494-0460
Associate Professor of Political Science, and African-American Studies; University Scholar

American Politics
African American Studies
Women and Politics

Cheryl Cooky
(765) 496-2857
Associate Professor of American Studies
Marlo D. David
BRNG 6168
Director African American Studies, Associate Professor of English, African American Studies and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Olga Dmitrieva
SC 166
(765) 494-9330
Assistant Professor of Russian and Linguistics

Theoretical and Laboratory Phonology, Acoustic Phonetics, Crosslinguistic Speech Perception, Language Interference in Second Language Acquisition.

Joseph C. Dorsey
BRNG 6172
(765) 494-5680
Associate Professor, African American Studies

Globalist; African American Studies

Rayvon Fouché
(765) 49-47161
Associate Professor of American Studies; Director of American Studies
Daniel H. Frank
BRNG 7135
(765) 494-7564
Professor of Philosophy; Director, Jewish Studies Program

Ancient Philosophy, Medieval Islamic and Jewish Philosophy, History of Political Philosophy, Ethics

Jennifer Freeman Marshall
BRNG 6156
(765) 49-46295
Assistant Professor of English and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Shaun Hughes
HEAV 434
(765) 494-3776
Professor; Director of English Language and Linguistics

British & Postcolonial Literature

Benjamin Lawton
SC 139
(765) 494-3860
Associate Professor of Italian; Interim Director of Film & Video Studies; Chair of Italian Studies

Cinema, Medieval and Renaissance studies, Italian/American studies, cultural studies, Italian studies

Maren Linett
HEAV 411
(765) 494-5899
Professor of English; Director, Critical Disability Studies Program

British Literature

Dawn G. Marsh
UNIV 028
(765) 494-7900
Associate Professor; Director, Native American & Indigenous Studies

Native American and indigenous peoples history

Shannon McMullen
FPRD 202
(765) 494-0160
Associate Professor of Art and Design and American Studies

Art, Culture & Technology, American Studies

Bill Mullen
(765) 496-2856
Professor of American Studies

American Literature and Studies; African American Studies; Cultural Studies; Working-Class Studies; Critical Race Theory; Marxist Theory

Song No
SC 188
(765) 494-3866
Associate Professor of Spanish

Latin American colonial literature, transculturation, critical theory

Venetria K. Patton
BRNG 6158
(765) 496-9629
Head, School of Interdisciplinary Studies and Professor, English and African American Studies

African American and Diasporic Women’s Literature, African American Literature, 19th c. American Literature, & Feminist Discourse

Ashley M. Purpura
REC 301
Assistant Professor of Religious Studies

History of Christianity, Orthodox Christianity, gender, ritual, identity, and authority in Byzantine religious genres

Victor Raskin
HEAV 441
(765) 494-3782
Distinguished Professor


Felicia Roberts
BRNG 2170
(765) 494-3323
Professor; School Associate Head
Charles Ross
HEAV 313
(765) 494-3729
Professor; Director of Comparative Literature

British Literature

Jay Stein
(765) 496-0235
Visiting Professor
Ronald J. Stephens
BRNG 6176
Professor, African American Studies
Harry R. Targ
BRNG 2230
(765) 494-4169
Professor, Director of Peace Studies

International Political Economy
American Foreign Policy
The Labor Movement
Central America and the Caribbean

Monica M. Trieu
(765) 494-6472
Associate Professor of American Studies; Director of Asian American Studies

International Migration; Post-1960s Immigrants and Refugees; 1.5 and Second-Generation Identity; Transnational Ties; Historical and Contemporary Asian American Experiences; Race and Ethnicity 

Ronnie Wilbur
Heavilon Hall
Professor of Linguistics

American Sign Language, prosody-syntax-pragmatics interface, language and deafness

Melinda S. Zook
UNIV 327
(765) 494-4134
Professor of History and Director, Cornerstone Integrated Liberal Arts

Early Modern European History, Tudor-Stuart England, political thought and culture, women and gender

Courtesy Faculty

Colleen L. Gabauer

Managing Director // Office of Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs

Graduate Students

Ashley Albrecht

Ph.D. Candidate
Alyssia Ashkevron

Ph.D. Student, Philosophy & Literature
Esra Coskun

Ph.D. Student, Philosophy & Literature
Joshua Hackett

Ph.D. Student, Philosophy & Literature
B. Patrick Hoburg

Ph.D. Student, Philosophy & Literature
Donovan Irven

Ph.D. Candidate, Philosophy & Literature
Matthew L. Kroll

Ph.D. Candidate, Philosophy & Literature
Ashley Matney
BRNG 2263
Ph.D. Student in Philosophy & Literature; Outside Teaching Assistant in Brian Lamb School of Communication
Jonathan McConnell

Ph.D. Student, Philosophy & Literature
David O. Midtvedt

Ph.D. Student, Philosophy & Literature
Lynn Parrish
SC G080
Graduate Student/Philosophy & Literature/TA
Amy Pommerening

Ph.D. Student, Philosophy & Literature
Jason Rose

Ph.D. Student, Philosophy & Literature
Strand Sheldahl-Thomason

Ph.D. Student

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