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Archived Recognitions


Kimberly Hunt

Kimberly Hunt (27) recently made her network television directorial debut directing "The Space Between", the 17th episode of Season 5 of THE RESIDENT, Fox Network's prime-time hospital drama which aired Tuesday, April 5, 2022.

"I am gradeful to show creator and Executive Producer Amy Holden-Jones for believing in me and paving the way for this incredible opportunity," said Hunt, "Amy's tireless work to showcase the talents of women directors is impacting our industry in a very positive way."

JHunt is a Zionsville, IN native and a 2016 graduate of Purdue Uniersity's School of Film and Television.  She began her involvement with the television series in its inaugural season in 2018 with episodes 1 and 2 when she served as the assistant to Director Phillip Noyce

Kellie Schaffner

Kellie, a student in Film and Video Production, was published in the Cornerstone Review's second issue this fall.  The Cornerstone Review is a journal dedicated to student writing, video and artwork.  Kellie's essay, "Abigail's Secret," was written in Dr. Li Wei's SCLA 101 (Transformative Texts I) class in the spring semester of 2021.

Nayli Husna, Catherine Tracy, and Parker Whitmore

These three students each had internships in the field and are featured in Liberal Arts' THiNK Magazine in December, 2020.

Allison Heminway

Allison Heminiway, a Film & Video Studies and Mass Communications student, was included in the 2017 Student Spotlights on the CLA Website.  Below is the interview which is also located on the CLA website.

What was the most exciting thing about your role? 

The most exciting thing about my role as an intern was when I had the chance to help on production days. I love being on set with the various film professionals because the people I was able to work with were so willing to share their stories and tips and tricks in the industry while teaching me how to best do my job at the same time. I also had the chance to work with amazing talent throughout these shoots that inspired me to keep pursuing my career goals.

Describe the most meaningful experience you had as an intern. 

The most meaningful experience to me personally in this internship, came from the networking. I met so many incredible people throughout this summer, and almost all of them reached out to me with endless ways to help both during my time at Odd Machine and after I had left at the end of the term. Each person I met impacted me in a different way, and I know their advice and help will help me on my journey throughout the rest of my time at Purdue and into my career.

How did you apply your Liberal Arts-skills to your internship position?

Communication and creativity were the two most important skills this job required, and Purdue Liberal Arts has done an amazing job of providing me opportunities to strengthen these. 

How has your internship prepared you for your career? 

This internship has been my first experience with a focus on film and video in the advertisement industry. I had incredible networking opportunities while working downtown Chicago, and I gained a new understanding of working with professionals on and off film sets. My co-workers were extremely knowledgeable and willing to answer any question I had, whether it was about something technical or about the industry in general. My practical skills grew immensely during my work on film sets, and I am incredibly thankful for some of the amazing opportunities this internship allowed me to have.

Mallory Gieringer

Congratulations to Mallory Gieringer, a senior in film and video studies, whose short film, ‘Esoteric’, was recognized as the ‘Best Experimental Short’ at the Hollywood Short Film Festival in Santa Monica, CA on January 14, 2017. The short film can be viewed here.

Image of Mallory Gieringer receiving award

Dominik Gliatis and Nathan Scott

Congratulations to FVS Majors (Dominik Gliatis and Nathan Scott)  who received AHECTA (Association of Higher Education Campus Television Administrators) awards.Dominik Gliatis: Refugees On the Rhine. First Prize Winner, Documentary, PSA, or Lifestyle Feature: film  is not only a great documentary and ad for a Purdue University study abroad program, it is a tribute to a different way of responding to refugees and to the Other. It seems particularly opportune at this time.

Nathan Scott: Bump in the Night.  First Prize Winner, Original Short Film or Music Video: To truly appreciate this film you have to use the 360 video control in the upper left-hand corner.Dominik and Nathan studied filmmaking with Dr. Bobby Chastain (FVS and Hall of Music ).

 Picture of award

Purdue Film Studies Student Wins Student Academy Award

Congratulations to Mak Hossain, a film studies student who produced, directed and wrote the documentary "Three Beauties," which is about three girls, ages 7, 12, and 16, who do not know each other but shar3e similar life paths.

More information in this news release from 2006: