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Students interested in continuing their education beyond Purdue should consider the following: 

Campus Links

Hall of Music Productions 

Lafayette/West Lafayette Area Movie Theaters 
Listing of what's playing locally. 

Purdue's C-SPAN Video Archive 
24-hour taping of C-SPAN news, archived at Purdue since 1987. 

Purdue Library Film Studies Resources 
Link to Film Studies section. 

Purdue UGRL Feature Films 

Residence Hall Film Schedule 
Listing of what's on in the dorms. 

Department of Computer Graphics Technology 
Students are urged to become familiar with today's cutting edge technology as they related to the moving image; also an excellent area to develop solid marketable skills after graduation. 

Purdue's Patti & Rusty Rueff School of Design, Art, and Performance 
The more you know about visual and performing arts, the more you will bring to any film, video or media project. 

Purdue Department of Theatre
From its world-famous sound design program, to lighting, to acting, to directing, these courses are demanding, but rewarding.

External Links

Film Studies General

Academic Info: Film & TV Studies Gateway - Directory of Online Resources on Film, Cinema & TV

All Movie Guide 
An amazing resource that offers a generally excellent, rapid search engine that leads to the usual basic information about films and persons involved in all aspects of filmmaking. In addition, it offers brief plot synopses and reviews. It also features a "Quick Browse": feature that allows you to view films by Genre, Country, and Time (weak). The arrangement of all three sections by "Rating" rather than by title, director, or time is, at best, confusing. The site also includes a useful "Glossary" of film-related terms and adequate introductory "Essays" on topics that range from Action Movies to Westerns. The DVD search feature is somewhat confusing. The plot synopses and occasional reviews of films "New in Theaters" is quite useful.

Perhaps surprisingly, this is one of the best places to go to get basic information about titles, directors, release dates, and cover art, as well as (of course) retail availability for DVDs and videocassettes. Especially useful for advance information on movies not yet released for retail sale.

Best of the Web - Movies 
A helpful resource for researching film on the Internet.

British Film Institute 
Catalogues and ordering of Film, Video (PAL and NTSC) and DVD.

How are Hollywood films made? A well-made, albeit rudimentary, introduction to filmmaking. Includes useful glossaries and an extensive guide to related resources.

A Danish website that claims to be "the world's largest DVD review database with links to 105,314 reviews of 44,054 DVD releases." A very quick check suggests that they may well be telling the truth. Amazing.

A non-commercial website that focuses primarily on comparisons between DVD releases and in this it is invaluable. Not only does it describe contents, it also shows side-by-side images taken from different releases. You definitely see what you are paying for!

Early Motion Pictures Home Page 
This lists the collection of early motion pictures from the Library of Congress (1897-1916) with links to some of these actual films, plus useful background information, including technical notes, the genre of Actuality films, and America at the turn of the century.

Facets Multimedia 
Perhaps the single major source of videos and DVDs in the United States. Definitely not cheap, but in the worst cases you can find out if the film is available in the U.S. 
Excellent source of information on all the "greatest films" and a very useful reference information section.

Internet Movie Database (IMDB) 
Everything you want to know about virtually every film ever made.

That is all it's called, and that is what it does: link to 12 categories of web pages dedicated to film, from Film Theory to Spanish Film.

Masters of Cinema 
This website, whose purpose is "collating and disseminating DVD and film information for discerning cineastes the world over," concentrates primarily on DVD release information - what is scheduled, and what is delayed. It also has a number of useful links.


If you only read English, this is the first site you will want to visit after IMBD. Metacritic compiles reviews from respected critics and publications for film, video/DVD, music and games. The unique Metascores show the critical consensus at a glance by taking a weighted average of critic grades.

Notre Dame's De Bartolo Performing Arts Center 
Notre Dame has built an amazing new theatre that shows a mix of classics and new independents.

An interesting site sponsored by the University of Alabama. Contains useful material; promises to be invaluable when everything is up and running.

Senses of Cinema 
This online journal, that is "indexed in the MLA (Modern Languages of American) International Bibliography and is listed in the MLA Directory of periodicals," contains a variety of essays on films and directors, book reviews, and useful links. It is produced by the Cinema Studies Program of the University of Melbourne, Australia. It is "devoted to the serious and eclectic discussion of encourages articles of all styles (casual, personal, academic, critical, impressionistic and poetic - or a combination of these), analytical approaches (thematic, psychoanalytic, etc.) and subject matter." The "notes for contributors" are very well done.

Sinister Cinema

Strictly Film School 
Strictly Film School describes itself as a "dynamic, evolving personal homage journal dedicated to the analysis of landmark world cinema from an academic perspective: universal themes, symbols and imagery, historic context and artistic genres. The website contains a collection of short essays featuring the respective filmmaker's notable films. Film criticism, arranged by director or film, are accessible through the directors & films page.

University of Essex Film Studies 
A well-designed page that includes particularly useful information on national cinemas, film history, and online journals.

World Language Sales 
This page will take you to many of the best online journals dedicated to film and television around the world. Some are the electronic versions of prestigious film journals such as Close Up and Sight and Sound, while others are strictly e-journals. Many are dedicated to film reviews, while others focus on the film industry, film festivals, etc. Definitely worth a visit. This page also has links to other analogous web pages on topics ranging from Animals to Travel.

Yale Research Guide in Film Studies 
Describes itself as "an introductory guide to conducting research in Film Studies at Yale University. It includes information about reference materials, internet sites and other special resources." It is, in fact, invaluable.

Zoetrope Virtual Studie 
Within this website is the Zoetrope Virtual Studio, a complete motion picture production studio on the Web. It offers powerful collaborative tools for writers, directors, producers and other film artists. It also includes a number of film-related discussion sections and chat rooms.

Glossaries and Grammars

Cinematic Terms: A Film-Making Glossary 
A very useful glossary in which the definition of terms is frequently accompanied by images taken from relevant films. Rather large and easily searchable, it is ordered alphabetically.

The 'Grammar' of Television and Film 
Another very useful, essential glossary. The definition of a few terms is accompanied by illustrations.

Internet Movie Database (IMDB) Glossary 
As might be expected, a very comprehensive interactive glossary of terms and phrases frequently used in the world of movies, films, acting, and cinemagoing.

Yale Film Studies: Film Analysis Web Site 2.0 
The Film Analysis Guide is part of the Yale Research Guide in Film Studies. It will prove invaluable for becoming familiar with the basic vocabulary of film studies and the techniques of cinema which it illustrates with stills and film clips. It is divided into six parts: Basic Terms, Mise-en-scene, Cinematography, Editing, Sound, Analysis.

The Ancient World Onscreen

Click on "Classics Links" for all sorts of further links to pages on Greek mythology, Roman history, etc.

The I, Claudius Project 
An entire website dedicated to information on this remarkable miniseries: plot summaries, historical sources, the people involved, etc.

European Film Entities

European Film Academy

FIAF (Federación Internacional de Archivos Fílmicos)

FIAPF (Federación Internacional de Asociaciones de Productores de Films)


Media Business School

Media Salles

Observatorio Europeo del Sector Audiovisual

Unión Europea: Programa Media

French Cinema

French American Cultural Exchange (FACE) 
A really good collection of links covering journals, film databases and festivals. 

German Cinema

About German Cinema by Hyde Flippo 
Articles and links concerning German cinema, films in German, and Germanic film people.

About German Film by Jurgen Fauth and Marcy Dermansky 
Information on various German directors, films, film trivia, FAQs, etc.

Bellnet Internetverzeichnis 
Links to German film sources.

German Language Video

Goethe Institut, Inter Nationes 
(16mm print hire)

International Historic Film 
Specialist in Third Reich and WWI.

University of Cologne, Institut fuer Theater-Fiolm und Fernsehwissenshaften 
Links to German film sources.

Warwick German Studies Web 
Links to German film sources.

German Film Archives:

Berlin Filmmuseum 

DEFA Films

Deutsche Wochenschau GmbH 
Comprehensive archives of German weekly newsreels from 1945-77.

Film Museum of Munich, Bavaria

Murnau Stiftung, Wiesbaden

National Archives 

Swiss National Film Archives

University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
DEFA film library.

Film Schools:

Deutsches Filminstitut, Frankfurt Research Institute

Hochschule fuer Film und Fernsehen, Potsdam

Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universitaet, Frankfurt am Main, Institut fuer Theater-Film und Medienwissenschaften

University of California, Berkeley 
Berkeley library site offering further German cinema resources.

Film Journals:

Online-magazin für filmkritik.


Review site of post 1996 releases.

Schweizerisches Filmzentrum 
Swiss releases.

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Italian Cinema

Biographies of famous persons in all endeavors, including 159 directors, producers, and actors from around the world (in Italian).

The official site of the major Italian film studios (in Italian).

Cinema Magazine (Rivista del Cinematografo) 

Internet version of Rivista del Cinematografo (Cinema Magazine), originally founded in 1928. It appears to replace Banca Dati del Cinema Mondiale, no longer available online, as the most useful Italian language site for information that is not available anywhere in English - or perhaps in any language. There are numerous short reviews of even "minor" films as well as essential cast information.

Epinions Foreign Films: Italian Videos & DVDs

Felliniana Archive (Don Young) 
The Don Young Felliniana Archive is a celebration of the life and work of Federico Fellini. Eventually it will include over 5,000 rare posters, stills, books, magazines, music, etc. It will be viewable online as a virtual gallery. It also features current news and information on Fellini's continuing influence on culture, high and low, as well as other interesting news such as DVD releases, film festivals, memorials, etc.

Internet Bookshop Italia 
A very useful Italian source of Italian films on video and DVD, frequently at significantly discounted prices (in Italian). 

Italian DVDs and videos available in the U.S.

World Festival of Italian Films (Italy) 

Another extensive American source of Italian films on video and DVD.

Spanish & Latin American Cinema

Anuario de Cine 
This site is maintained by the Spanish Ministry of Culture, and includes information about the Spanish Institute of Cinematography; links to the Filmoteca of Spain; dates of video releases, and box office receipts; festivals; grants, agreements, and international cooperation; legislation that affects film production and distribution in Spain, in the European community, and worldwide.

If you are only going to bookmark one site, this is it. Cine-Cita is a wonderful place to start research, because it includes the following fabulous wealth of links, and several dozen in complete text form, in both English and Spanish, regarding film in Spain and Latin America.

This site contains games, chats, forums, premieres of films from Spain, film times in Spain, and film posters.

Cinema Studies at the University of Barcelona 
Information about film studies at the University of Barcelona.

Media Cine 
This website is maintained by the Spanish Ministry of Education, and is a site for Spanish teachers who want to teach film. There are many downloadable handouts and transparencies, as well as a detailed glossary of film terms in Spanish. There are also a number of "Thematic Blocks," or substantial texts, on the history of film in general and in Spain; introduction to film genres; film and society; scriptwriting; production; the film industry; what happens on a set; technology; filmic language. Very useful for teachers and students of film in Spain.


Introductory Guide to Critical Theory 
Written and designed by Professor Dino Felluga of Purdue University, it is described by renowned author, critic, and Princeton University English professor Elaine Showalter in Teaching Literature (pp. 109-10) as an "ideal and inspiring example" of one of "the best...models and ideas for teaching theory." She adds, "For anyone of my generation still wondering about how to teach theory and nontheory; or for those in the posttheory generation seeking inspiration, Felluga's website is the place to go." I concur.

Purdue Studies in Romance Literatures

Semiotics for Beginners 
Exceptionally well designed and usable, David Chandler's website is both a lucid introduction to semiotics that can be read profitably by absolute beginners, and a portal to a field of scholarship that appears to be expanding endlessly. Highly recommended.

Women in Film

Women in Cinema: A Reference Guide [Dec. 1994] 
An excellent, albeit, dated resource which examines the role that women have in cinema, as well as the impact that they have had on cinema. Areas of discussion include: bibliographies and guides, biographical sources, reviews and filmographies, electronic sources, and subject collections on film.

Women Make Movies