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Past Defenses


  • Mai Yamamoto:  May 9, 2022 1:30-3:30, virtually   "Agnostic responses to reports and assessments". - Linguistics
  • Rachel Bonini: "Imagineered Imperial Tourism: Disney & U.S. Empire in Hawai‘i". - American Studies
  • Jiacheng Fan: "Tracing Shishi in Contemporary Chinese Historical Novels". - Comparative Literature



  • Amy Hutchinson: "The Effect of Foreign Film on the Production and Perception of Non-Native Speech". - Linguistics
  • Jason Rose: "A Philosophical Analysis of the Play Concept". - Philosophy and Literature
  • Josh Weirick:  ""The Interface Between Syntax and Information Structure in Bilingual Language Acquisition: Evidence from the English Dative Alternation".  - Linguistics 
  • Lang Wang: "Aspirations and Ambivalences of the New Woman: French and Chinese   Women’s Press and Fiction in the Early Twentieth Century, 1900–1930". - Comparative Literature
  • Roderick Clare: "Onset Tensification in Contemporary Korean: Novel Pronunciations as the Continuation of Historical Phonological Pressures." - Linguistics
  • Pin-Hsi Chen: "An Exo-Skeletal Analysis of Complex-Path Motion Predicates in Taiwan Mandarin" - Linguistics
  • Meng Wang: "An Annotated Translation of Chapters 21-30 of the Late Ming Dynasty Novel, Xingshi Yinyuan Zhuan 醒世姻缘傳 (Marriage Destinies to Awaken the World)." - Comparative Literature


  •  Virginia Pleasant: "There's More than Corn in Indiana: Smallholder and Alternative Farmers as a Locus of Resilience." - American Studies
  • Stephen Horrocks: "Insulin Pump Use and Type 1 Diabetes: Connecting Bodies, Identities, and Technologies."  - American Studies
  • Annagul Yaryyeva: "Russian Immigrants: Transnationalism in the Context of U.S.-Russia Relations Since 2014."  - American Studies
  • Riham Ismail: "The Construction and Negotiation of Identity and Place in Muslim Women's Fictional Narrative."  - Comparative Literature
  • Zihan Wang: "Fiction Medicine and the Communist Revolution in the People's Republic of China."  - Comparative Literature
  • Ashley Kentner: "Examining the syntax and semantics of ASL MORE- and BEAT-constructions".   - Linguistics
  • Ricardo Quintana Vallejo: "Children of Globalization: Diasporic Coming-of-age Novels in German, England, and the United States".  - Comparative Literature
  • Ghaleb Alomaish: "Double Reflection: Image Projection and Perception in Saudi-American Contexts: A Comparative Study".  - Comparative Literature
  • Maria Pritchett Cupery: "The Use of Corpus and Network Analysis in Teaching Engineering EAP Phrases".  - Linguistics
  • Patrick Hoburg: "Stratigraphic Time: Conceptualizing the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis".  - Philosophy & Literature



  • Jingyi Liu:  "Storytelling and the National Security State of America: Korean War Stories from Cold War to Post-911"  - American Studies
  • Keturah Nix:  "Is the Veil On or Off?: Uncovering America's Racial Tensions Through the Symbolization of Booker T. Washington."  - American Studies  
  • Olon Dotson:  "Fourth World Nation: A Critical Geography of Decline".  - American Studies
  • Jenna T. Conklin:  "The Roles of Vowel Harmony and Stress in Predicting Vowel-to-Vowel Coarticulation".  - Linguistics
  • Neda Taherkhani:  "A Syntactic Analysis of Motion Predicates in Southern Tati (Takestani Dialect)".  - Linguistics 
  • Lacey J. Davidson:  "That's (Also) Racist! Entity Type Pluralism, Responsibility, and Liberatory Norms".  - Philosophy & Literature
  • Reyes Espinoza:  "Toward an Ethics of Tragic Uncertainty: Miguel de Unamuno and Global Social Conflict".  - Philosophy & Literature 
  • Joel D. Johnson:  "Final Causality in the Thought of Thomas Aquinas".  - Philosophy & Literature
  • Robert M. Spears:  "Technology and Topology: Rethinking the Space of Existence".  - Philosophy & Literature
  • Katje J. Armentrout:  "Notes on the State of American Agriculture: Young Farmers and "The Farm" After the 1980 Farm Crisis".  - American Studies 
  • Christopher Munt:  "A Century in the Baths”: Allan Bérubé, Spatial Politics, and the History of Gay Bathhouses in the United States".  - American Studies 
  • Pamela Sari:  "Politics of the (Most) High: Transnational Networks between Gospel of the Kingdom Megachurch (Indonesian Mennonite Synod) in Central Java, Indonesia and Pentecostal/Charismatic Institutions in the United States".  - American Studies 
  • Jennifer Sdunzik:  "Mapping Whiteness: Uncovering the Legacy of All White Towns in Indiana".   - American Studies
  • Jeff Wimble:  "Survival Technologies: African-American Musical Modernisms".  - American Studies 
  • Charles R. Bradley:  "Transparency of Transitivity in Pantomime, Sign Language".  - Linguistics  
  • Mirisen Ozpek:  "An Intersectional Approach to LGBTQ Children's Literature: A Case Study on Queer Women in Children's Picture Books."  - Linguistics