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Click to see photos from the German & Russian dinner on May 3, 2016.

The IL-IN regional contest of the national ACTR’s Olympiada of Spoken Russian, a competition for high school students of Russian, took place at Purdue in Stanley Coulter on April 20, 2013. Sixty-three high school students from 6 pre-college Russian language programs participated. The Illinois-Indiana Olympiada provides students the opportunity to engage in conversation with native speakers of Russian, meet students and teachers of Russian from other institutions, and demonstrate their prowess and achievements in Russian language study by participating in competitions that focus on everyday conversation, poetry recitation, and Russian civilization.

Judges this year included our own Olga Lyanda-Geller (Continuing Lecturer in Russian), Dilya McClaine (Montessori School of Greater Lafayette), and Veronika Trotter (Indiana University).

Special thanks to Prof. Robert Channon for his efforts in ensuring that the competition proceeded smoothly and with the utmost comfort for all involved!