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SCLA 300: LA Influentials

The breadth of opportunities facing Liberal Arts students can be daunting. The biggest question for most students is, “What are you going to do with your major?” For those who haven’t completely figured it out, don’t panic. SCLA 300 is a lecture/discussion course featuring prominent Liberal Arts alumni who represent a diverse variety of careers including judges, teachers, best-selling authors, business leaders, lawyers, and entrepreneurs. These alumni return to campus to share their stories with students who will soon begin their careers. This class provides students with the unique opportunity to ask candid questions, network with influential alumni, learn about career skills, and get a glimpse at the varied career paths open to students with a Liberal Arts degree.

SCLA 300 is in BRNG 2280.


First class introduction

Tracy LeRoy

BA 1999
JD 2002, Northwestern University
Partner, Yetter Coleman
Houston, TX

Kevin Keckler

BA 1997
Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of KJK Sports, LLC, Lafayette, IN


Sutton Roach

BA 2012
Public Affairs Specialist/Spokesperson
Federal Bureau of Investigation
West Lafayette, IN

LaDarius Gorden
Dave Thomas
Tiffany Sauder
Pat Harrington
Jennifer Ping

Sarah Wannarka

BA 1995
Assistant United States Attorney, U.S. Department of Justice
San Antonio, TX

Stephanie White

Sarah Kyle

Last class- Bringing it all together