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Mikey Barrett

Mikey Barrett

Lecturer // SLC

Lecturer // American Sign Language // SLC

Office and Contact

Room: SC 209


“Hi, I am Michael Barrett, but everyone calls me Mikey (showing the ASL signing name).

I am a proud full-time employer of Purdue University teaching American Sign Language (ASL). Let me share a brief biography of myself: I was born in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, and I went to Rochester Institute of Technology for my undergraduate years studying psychology as for my bachelor’s degree, with English literature as my minor revolving around Shakespeare/Drama and history of theatre. Later, I went to Gallaudet University for my master’s degree in Cultural Studies. I am currently in the process of receiving an online specialization/certificate focusing on ‘Modern/Contemporary Art Design’ from the Museum of Modern Arts of New York City. In addition, I recently earned a program completion from the Siena School for Liberal Arts studying Italian Sign Language (LIS) as well as Italian Deaf culture/history (the school is located in the Tuscany region of Italy). I am more than proud to work along with Deaf colleagues within our ASL department, including Sharon, Rita, and Robin, whom I view as bilingual (and multilingual in many aspects).