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Caitlin Fendley

Graduate Student // History

Office and Contact

Room: SCHM 401

Office hours: by appointment



Past Courses:

HIST 352, Instructor - Death, Disease, and Medicine in 20th Century American History 
HIST363, TA - History of Medicine and Public Health
HIST 103, TA - Introduction to the Medieval World
HIST 372, TA - History of the American West (online)
HIST 105, TA - Survey of Global History
HIST 387, TA - History of the Space Age
HIST 151, TA - American History to 1877

B.A. (Honours), History and Psychology, University of Guelph (2015)


History of Medicine
20th Century U.S. History
History of Science and Technology
Aerospace History

Caitlin Fendley is currently on a research assistantship.