A Job Interview Not Aced

By Sean Murley

Tell me a bit about yourself.

      We all have angel wings,
           hidden under wool coats.

What is one word that best describes you?

     Thousands of normal people lose
          their voice daily.

     Which means they can’t call
          for Superman
     ice cream.

How would your friends describe your work ability?

     They would speak in 1s and 0s
          but I’m sure they would translate

     into the brown spot of grass
          in my backyard,
     left from where I used to sleep.

Tell me about an instance in which you provided excellent customer service.

     When I was a broken mirror,
          showing only birthday cake,

     and a broken radio,
          that sounded like the ice cream truck.

How comfortable are you in dealing with angry customers?

     About as comfy as a tiny box TV left on the lawn,
          with the nature channel left on,

     so the self-conscious squirrels
          see their poor performances,

     when they gather
          their tiny acorn shells in their mouths,
     and bury them.

Why are you interested in this job?

     I’m interested in why
          so many beta fish want to fly,

     and whether or not
          a book can bleed.

I mean why do you want to work here?

     I know someone that lives like a bright flashlight
           shining in your eyes.

     hey only eat green stalks so they’ll live
          to see the Sun go out
      in a bang.

     I don’t want to see the end,
          I just want to appreciate its soft glow
     in the morning.

How is this relevant?

     Trust me,
          everything is,
     even the ant I killed.

If you won’t take this seriously, there’s the door.

          I get lost
     in elevators and cardboard boxes marked
          This side is UP

     No, it’s okay,
          I’ll find my own way out.

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