Drizzles on the Window

By Alexandra Tenille Weliever

Watching raindrops slide down glass is my favorite part of the morning

Curled up under the duvet, betting on which drops will slide down the window first

Making up stories about why two droplets decide to join together

Maybe the droplets thought they’d be better off Carving their own path around the steamed-up window

And why some choose to            split

Or maybe they didn’t have a choice, and another droplet got in their way

Out of the hundreds of raindrops on my window, so many break up
following different drizzles

I wonder how many make the choice to tear apart
And how many end up halved
just because one felt like it

It’s easier to like the rain under the covers, where it’s cozy, and warm,
and easier to pretend that raindrops are just raindrops
and easier to believe that empty sheets don’t mean anything but
more room for me

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