I have seen her demons smiling in my driver’s side window

By Cheryl Sutton

she breathes
and you lay your head upon her chest
to find her heart beat       beat

you look up just in time to see the life
draining from her eyes
but you still hear the rhythm of her heart
under each bruise left upon her skin

all you can do is watch
                                                      and wait

in here
she is safe (loved)
the rumble of the engine drones out
dangers waiting for her

these four wheels are only a haven
warmed by the smoldering anger inside you
and her body gently
withered in your arms

there’s a stench in the air
so devastatingly palpable
it burns your throat and every
as it travels through your body
you begin to wonder
if it’s your heart

frost like opaque glass covers the windows
and her hand burns memories in yours
yet you can do nothing to
the hands of
the one who bore her from
smothering her smile

still the fire rages inside of you
it’s been doused in gasoline
leaving a bitter taste in your mouth
and you feel


the depth of your thoughts
has no limits
because you demand                       retribution

demands fall empty on the soulless mind
whose words have brutally destroyed the person
she could have been
yet they still aren’t satisfied                                         oh

how they hunger
for utter
no semblance of hope

you wish the fire inside of you would burn
                    far and                         wide
that it would obliterate them
where they stand
and as your feet brush through the ashes
then she would be able to


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