I’ll say what I mean one day

“I’m an artist with a certain special something, and that something makes me really, really sad because of nothing.” — Hobo Johnson

Everything hurts beautifully sometimes

across from you, I’m confined solitarily

to this counter chair, shaking

‘til I fall onto the diner’s vinyl tile.

Let me draft my words to you on this napkin

for a moment before

my mind flies into the wind.

I can only wish for daydreams submerged

in amber and thoughts wading through water.

My silence is simply an echo

of the sounds I make on walks

in the emptiness of the nighttime.

Sidewalks house me

when all is silent in the neon darkness of the world.

To say something beautiful is once-in-a-lifetime

which is why I scribble on napkins

and wander hopelessly in the night

as the Earth shifts

beneath my feet.

I’m speechless

at the best part of this.

How to say, you remind me of a simpler

day when I’m still, sitting here.

Is it the light snow that shakes me

or the natural fallen twig I find I am.

I’ve been the ice on the road way too long.

Little truly needs to be said

but that I’m here right now

blending in with the flower wallpaper of this diner.

I haven’t lost my voice,

it’s just gone for the winter.

When these things happen, I know you’re just a complex human,

as am I. I remember:

You’re wide awake

early each morning under the stars.

I have no comment on

the passing comets we are.

I’ll take my sadness

on the side please.

Too many things, like you,

are too good for this small world.

It takes too long to fall asleep at night.

I just want to be wide awake.

We’ve all been a bit too busy to

stop and enjoy the drawings on the sidewalk.

Please fill in the blank when I’m fumbling for words like lightning.

Things work out eventually, hopefully.

Because all I want is

for you to be

in front of me

and for some happiness

in the middle of the street.

I’ll run one day, but let me sleep

for now, until I rise

grinning at my curtains

blocking the sun

from staring at me like someone I seem to know.

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