questions for​ babcia

Momma told me you loved to cook ​pierogi

did your momma teach you like momma taught me?

did you lean over the counter and press until the dough was smooth

and your wrists ached?

did your momma give you a fork to crease the doughy edges?

did you linger near the stove to watch the water gurgle and pop?

Momma told me you didn’t have any shoes

no furry boots, shiny sneakers, or bright flip-flops

like I have

she said you walked for miles to school on calloused feet

did the other kids have shoes?

why did no one help?

Momma told me you walked alone through the forest

heard the booms like thunder crashing

felt the ground shake

felt your knees tremble

felt your freezing feet throb in thirty-nine

were you scared?

Momma told me you were smart like me

she said you stayed awake late reading

hunched over in the attic

only a flickering light of a candle to guide your eyes

did your eyes turn red?

did your momma ever catch you?

Momma told me you became a principal

I’m proud of you

you were brave, ​babcia

did you ever cry?

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