To Answer the Unanswerable

Wear your controversy, for my sake.

Some may not approve, but I’m here for you.

You may think this is selfish, that it’s all about me.

It kind of is. After all, you said you love me.

Siri, how do I stitch a body that I keep breaking?

She didn’t answer. So I asked mom, “What are boys?”

“Hypocrites, the lot of ’em.” Oh, I see.

We are tiptoeing towards transparency.

Hesitantly, though.

How silly of me to think that I could do this.

I’m a fixer, naturally. But

where is the procedure for this?

Google, how do I sew a heart I haven’t even touched?

My kisses heal, on instinct. But who taught me that?

Destroy them with kindness, they say.

Here lies your grave.

I’m not sure what flowers you prefer, so I left you emptyhanded.

You bite your nails. You want to touch with your fingertips first.

Dip them in the water, then. Enjoy the ripples of my face.

And envision your destroyer as she caresses your cold, cold hands.

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