By Sophia Craig

Vultures hunt
Beaks slice through the air
Beady eyes prey for the vulnerable
Wings cast shadows on the dry earth
The unaware expect nothing

He hunts
Smoke seeps through his mouth, poisoning the air
Droopy eyelids disguise his wanting gaze
Hands buried in his pockets
Jazz swims through the bar

Circles are drawn beneath the clouds
Oily feathers coat their misshapen necks
Claws strain for the ground
A rumble is heard in the distance
Alas, they must wait

He buys her sunglasses
Months hesitate to pass
His jacket is draped over her
Snowflakes quicken their pace
There is no enjoyment in patience

Leaves say goodbye
Grass betrays Mother Earth
Sunshine hides in fear
Raindrops roll off their tails
Alas, the vultures wait

She begins to wonder
Cigarette carcasses litter the carpet
He rolls his eyes and slams the door
She cries and cries and cries
He would never betray her

Diving downwards,
Vultures viciously attack
Mouths rapidly dissect unknown remains
Flies forcibly abandon their home
Two hearts are devoured

An anonymous message reveals the truth
She confronts her lover
“There was another woman.”
His smile is wicked
Two hearts are shattered

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