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Since my introduction to Purdue Liberal Arts early this year, I have been impressed by the depth and volume of accomplishment among members of the faculty, staff and students. To that end, this series will celebrate the achievements of our colleagues. When one of us earns recognition, it reflects positively upon each individual, each department, the whole of the College, and the entirety of the University. Collectively, we all benefit from the success of our colleagues, and here, together, we will celebrate the accolades that move this College to new heights of excellence.

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David A. Reingold
Justin S. Morrill Dean
College of Liberal Arts

John Larson

Please join me in congratulating Professor John Larson, Director of Graduate Education in the Department of History, who has been named a Fellow at the  Charles Warren Center for Studies in American History at Harvard University for the next academic year. This is one of the most prestigious fellowships in the history profession.  In addition to conducting research, John will participate in a workshop on “The History of American Capitalism.”  The Charles Warren Center Fellowship includes a $47,000 stipend. Congratulations, Dr. Larson!

For the Honor is an email from the Dean highlighting exceptional work that is being done within the College of Liberal Arts. Please send information that can be celebrated to liberalarts@purdue.edu.