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Alejandra May

Major: Anthropology
Minors: French, Spanish, Classical Studies, & Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences

Alejandra May

Hi, my name is Alejandra May. I am studying Anthropology with a focus in Bioarcheology. I also have minors in French, Spanish, Classical Studies, and EAPS (Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences). I’m originally from Mexico, but now live in Fishers, Indiana.

I chose Anthropology as my major because of where I was born and grew up, Mexico, where there are lots of archaeological sites and museums that preserve the cultural heritage. I also love history and studying the past of places around the world. Ever since I was little, I can remember that my family would take me on trips to see some of Mexico’s most beautiful ruins and pyramids. We would also go on road trips to visit some of the most extravagant museums and cultural festivals in the country.

Because of these experiences, learning about a people’s culture and past have always been dear to my heart. This led me to choose Anthropology as a major, and Purdue’s Anthropology program was especially interesting to me because it was small and I would be able to have closer connections with professors. I also knew that I wanted to do research, and Purdue is especially known for all the research it produces, so I was excited to get involved with that on campus.

So far, Purdue has allowed me to perform incredible research in the Anthropology department, and I have also been able to intern with a professor and travel to Africa to do field research. I’ve loved every bit of my academic career so far and can’t wait to see what comes next!

Now, something I really love at Purdue is the chance to be involved in so many different things on campus and meet so many interesting people. Through my major, I am able to meet lots of students and professors who have been to various places around the globe and who have amazing life stories. As a Purdue student, I am able to take classes not just in the liberal arts, but also in the Earth Sciences. This allows me to grow as an individual and makes me a more well-rounded student in the field of bioarcheology.

Purdue also offers over 1,000 clubs, which allows me to find activities I enjoy and meet lots of new people. In my time at Purdue, I have been involved in the Purdue Anthropological Society, the Gymnastics Club, the Salsa Club, and the Quidditch Club. I am also involved in Greek life. All of these experiences are why I love Purdue so much. While my classes are great, the experiences that I have had on campus meeting new people and experiencing new things have also been invaluable to my growth as a student.

To close, here’s some advice for prospective students: Don’t be afraid to try new things and meet new people. College is meant for exploring and finding your passions. I would not be where I am now without my parents' advice to get involved on campus. I have loved getting to know my professors, other classmates, and finding new interests that I didn’t know I had. Best of luck! Boiler Up! Hammer Down!